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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Woodoku: wood block puzzle games meet a sudoku grid. It’s a calm but challenging puzzle that you’ll be addicted to in no time! Place blocks in the 9x9 board and fill rows, columns or squares to clear them from the game. Play for as long as you can without running out of space to beat your high score! How to Play: □ Drag shapes onto the board to place them in the grid. □ Fill a row, column, or square to clear blocks from the board. □ Clear multiple rows, regions, or squares to earn Combo points! □ Clear blocks on every turn to earn Streak points! □ Earn as many points as you can to beat your high score! □ Have yourself a woody good time! It’s a quiet, zen game that’s easy to learn, but challenging to master! Take your time and take it easy. Featuring: □ Beautiful graphics and satisfying sound effects □ A tactile game experience with realistic wood tile design □ Relaxing gameplay with no pressure or time limit □ A light, small game that won’t take space on your device □ Playable offline so you can enjoy this classic anywhere

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Ads Ruin the Experience
TheMiggityMac on 2022-07-02
I enjoyed playing this at first. I challenged myself to beat my daily high score, several days in a row. However, the ads are killing me softly. They are ridiculously long. The play after every single round of the game (oftentimes the ad is longer than the game itself). They will also occasionally crash the game. And it’s super repetitive. For the love of God, offer a paid version with NO ads. Also, similar to other reviews, I hate that you can’t be strategic. The game only allows you to see three pieces. You must place all three before seeing the next three. How hard is it to place a piece, see a new piece? Asking for a friend. There should consistently be three pieces, bare minimum. And once your board is full with only small gaps, the game will consistently deliver large pieces. Ugh! I’m giving it 2 stars because of the ads. But I would love for this to be more of a game of strategy vs a game of chance.
Love with reservations
pyxie w attitude on 2022-07-02
I’ve been addicted to this game for six months. BUT there are a few things I wish could be changed or added. 1) an ad-free purchase option. I would certainly spend my money for that and I don’t really buy apps. 2) if you’re not going to offer an ad-free version then maybe reward the clearing of a level with no ads. Ads only when there’s failure? 3) level options. Each week starts a new challenge and it’s tedious to have to begin at level one over and over. For experienced players it would be nice if we could choose a starting level or if the challenge had experience levels to choose from, something like Easy, Challenging & Pro. Or just skip the weekly & keep leveling. Also HATE the ads that take over my sound because I’m always on silent so out of nowhere the sound comes on loud & now I can’t play this game in bed or in quiet places. Please please please eliminate those ads. Thanks for a fun game.
Addicting but can only win by chance
Iluvdzny on 2022-07-02
This game is really addicting especially the journey and daily challenge. However it can be unfair and winning ends up by chance and not skill. It gives you three pieces at a time and you don't get to see what's next until you place those three pieces. The next set can totally screw you over if you don't have enough options to win which isn't fair. You should be able to see which pieces are coming next if the game is truly based on strategy and not chance. I couldn't finish the journey because it's nearly impossible, too many levels and some are so difficult that it takes days to complete combined with the chance of getting good pieces. Not all the different pieces cycle through and the game decides to give you the hardest pieces over and over again. If these frustrating things were changed then it could be a really solid game.
Privacy and Ads
time2space on 2022-07-02
Have you read the privacy policy? Ummm, no thank you. I played on a friend’s phone and it was fun (except for the excessive advertising - which is not). I came and thought, well at least they don’t take *too much* information. Think again! When I first opened the app it wanted me to agree to the privacy policy. Yet no links to read it. I went to the App Store and found a link to the privacy policy. To agree to it, you are agreeing they could have a LOT more information! And since you click to agree - well you agreed. I deleted the app. I would enjoy this game in an app that I paid $5 for and had no adds and gave no information. Not worth it this way though.
Nolabreez on 2022-07-02
I enjoy playing this game, but as more pieces are added to the puzzle, it seems the random pieces get larger and not enough smaller pieces, specifically the single block, is given. Also, it seems some of the ‘random’ pieces given are the exact shape needed to fill a space but is going in the opposite direction of the piece needed. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or a design in the program to present some pieces going in the opposite direction of what is needed. It would be nice if some pieces were allowed to pivot, perhaps given a different color to let the user know that piece can go in the opposite direction. All in all, a fun way to pass time.
Inappropriate Ads
Sbrew09 on 2022-07-02
My 9 year old daughter LOVES this game, but I’m going to have to delete it from her tablet tomorrow because of inappropriate advertisements and it’s just super disheartening. I’m no prude. I didn’t even care about the ad for the game with the beer den lady (with huge breasts) clinking beer glasses together…but today there was an ad for a “Better Sex Challenge” and it listed a ton of sexual things under it. There are so many other things you could be advertising, people. This is a fun game and it just feels like you had to go and ruin it with a stupid sex ad. Ugh!!
Waste. Of. Time.
Official EJ on 2022-07-02
This game could be good but relies too much on RNG. If there was a way to rotate blocks or possibly a way to predict what pieces are coming next you could actually call it a strategy game but in its current state, the only thing determining whether you win or lose (especially in late game or on more difficult levels) is what 3 random pieces you’ve been given. Let the player make a real decision and then you will have a much more satisfying game. Also the Ads are constant and there is no way to turn them off, very annoying. Go find another game!!!!
Ad sounds ruin game
mp312002 on 2022-07-02
I love this game and play it way more than I should. The game has a ridiculous amount of ads to begin with, but they override the sound every time. I had sounds off, ad sound off, ringer off, and the ads blare sound every time. Waking up my kids, my partner, my dog, and disrupting coworkers when I try to play at work. I’m deleting the game since I am unable to play it without everyone around me hearing it also. It also overrides my music, so when listening to music I have to go back to Apple Music and hit play after every ad. Not worth it.
Not like the ad
aeq318 on 2022-07-02
The game is fun and addictive, but the previews I saw while playing on another game show trying to properly fit all the shaped pieces together like filling a puzzle, like there’s only one correct solution. That initially is what drew me in but after weeks of playing there has never been a level like that, seems like another bait and switch where you think you’re going to be playing one type of game but that’s not the case. You’re basically just working on points by filling squares or lines. That’s disappointing.
Love it, but…
MonkeyJones1980 on 2022-07-02
I really love this game but I am so over the click-bait ads after every single level attempt. Whether you pass or not you have to sit through the beginning of several obviously false advertisements or just a whole page of click-bait “ads/headlines”. I would be more than happy to pay to get rid of the ads, but there isn’t an option for ad-free play. Some levels are difficult enough that you can spend longer watching ads between replays than actually playing the game. Just give me an option to opt out of ads!

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