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Are you a word games master? Whether you are a fan of classic crossword puzzles or are just hopping on viral new word game trends, Wordle! will get you thinking. Take on daily brain teasers and train your mind with our fun word games. With several unique game modes, Wordle! will challenge your mind and spelling skills. Want a fun and viral challenge? Try Daily Puzzle mode, where you’ll have 6 guesses to solve the word of the day. Each time you get a letter correct, the tile will turn yellow if it is in the word or green if it is in the right spot. Can you solve it with one guess? Once you’ve figured it out, share your score with friends. It's just like the viral word game, but on your phone! Can’t get enough Wordle!? Play Unlimited Wordle! in Classic mode, and play as long as you want. No need to wait a whole day for the next puzzle. Getting stuck? Not to worry! Use a hint to get out of a sticky situation and unlock the solution! Or take on a timed challenge in Word Fever mode, where you will test your speed and spelling skills. Spell the word before the timer runs out, each time you find the word, the timer will reset and you will have to think fast and solve the next word. How far can you go? Want to test your mind for the duration? In Secret Word mode you will have 3 chances to guess each word with the letters and clue provided. Push your word association skills to the limit, and guess each word before moving on to the next. Guess wisely, 3 incorrect guesses and you will have to start over! Expand your adult mind and make your brain stronger with our free word games! It is like taking your brain to the gym! Game Features 1. Fun Word Puzzles Play the viral word game, or try one of our fun and creative game modes for a unique challenge like you’ve never seen before 2. Unlimited Wordle! Solve as many Wordle! puzzles as you’d like In Classic mode. No need to wait a whole day for the next puzzle! 3. Share Your Results Try Daily Puzzle mode, where you can solve the Wordle! of the day, then share your results and compare stats with friends 4. Special Boosters Having trouble? Unlock special boosters like the Dart, which will remove letters or Hint to reveal a correct letter, or use a Skip to pass a level entirely or try again if you lose. 5. Play at Your Own Pace: Whether you enjoy the pressure of a timed challenge, or want to try to go the duration in Secret Word mode. Wordle! Has several games to play at your desired pace 6. Flex Your Brain Muscles Ready for a tougher challenge? Test your skills in more challenging levels with longer words! Will you be the Wordle! Champion? Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;

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Enjoyable, to an extent
Announomos on 2022-05-16
Wordle, a simple game where you have to guess a 5 lettered word in 6 attempts or less. This game not only has that game mode but also 2 others, not including the daily Wordle it has. The first game mode is called “Word Fever” where your objective is to guess words ranging anywhere from 4 letters to 7 letters in a specific amount of time. To play this game mode the letters will be oriented in a circular shape and your objective is to either trace out the word, or tap the letters to spell it. One major problem is that the amount of time varies for each word length, with the only playable mode in my opinion being 4 letters since the amount of time is equal to the difficulty of the word; 5 letters is beyond very hard for the amount of time you have to guess which can come off as “off putting” to new players. The second game mode is called “Secret Word”, my personal favorite. In this game mode you are given one word and your objective is to find a word or phrase that coincides with that word. Example: You are given the word “dirt”, with the letters you are given you have to find letters that relate to it like “soil” or “clay”. In this game mode there is no time limit so you can take as long as you want. Not only do you get unlimited time but you also get 4 guesses which is very nice in my opinion. Now to tackle the big problem, the ads. Man do I enjoy using this app in my free time but do I not enjoy the ads that are as prevalent as rats in an NYC sewer. You’ll be lucky if you play one round without getting a 30 second ad that totally disables you from doing anything. It’s almost as if someone took away your phone from you for half a minute and let you sit there twiddling your thumbs, so half the time when there’s an ad I find myself closing out of the app then logging back in finding it to be faster than waiting for the ad to be done loading. One way I have found to go around the ad is to: First disable my wifi, second go into my settings and turn off “cellular data” for the app, then log back into it so that the app now thinks you are playing “offline” and ads will not come up every second. So basically I disable my WiFi and tell the ads to go (expletive) themselves, and I’m sorry that I’m not gonna spend 6$ just to remove the ads since I don’t think it’s worth it, I’d rather go spend my money buying Subway or McDonald’s. So all in all this app is very fun with its varying game modes and “tournament mode” where it has you competing against other players from around the world to see who can have the longest streak of words guessed correctly, but the ads are such a nuisance that you would be dismayed it you do sit down and had to deal with them. TLDR; App is very fun with 3 different game modes including the classic Wordle but the ads do ruin the experience somewhat and may ward off new players.
Deleted everything
PlzEnterNicknameLessThan30Long on 2022-05-16
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game and I enjoy playing it except for a few things. But, first of all, THE ADS. It is uncalled for to have to watch an ad to do literally anything on the app. Want to start a new game? Ad. Want to take your third guess? Ad. Want to look at the leaderboard? Ad. It’s just absurd. Second of all, my app recently removed all of my progress. Every high score, every power up, all my coins, even every daily challenge I’ve done. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing because I’m pretty unhappy about losing everything I’ve done for the past month and a half. Oh, and I’m not going to go back to do all the daily challenges again because guess what? If you want to do a daily challenge that isn’t the one from that day, AD. I was enjoying this app at first, but the more I’ve played the more I’ve found some major problems with it.
Love the game but the ratings are screwy
Annzada on 2022-05-16
I enjoy the daily game and the Classic puzzles very much. My skills have so improved after only a few weeks of game play. I have to criticize the tournament rewards. Last weekend I was number 1 for the whole 2 days of the tournament but when I came on the next day there was no reward posted. Usually it has you open a treasure chest. Then today unexpectedly the #1 Person in the state of Illinois went from a person with 17,000+ points (very impressive) to someone who didn’t appear yesterday who has over 13 MILLION???? That has got to be a computer, not a person. It’s unfair to those of us working to improve our rank. I went from 257 to 99 in a few days but I don’t think I could go 13 MILLION in a few years. Even on Wordscape where you get a point for each word after 2 1/2 years I have 1.5 million. Please fix this! Thanks
Don’t be fooled. This is not the original. $$$ for nothing.
Cindy - Athens GA on 2022-05-16
I paid six dollars for the app but I still get 30 to 45 second ads between each game. The only ones that went away was a small banner ad at the bottom and it was not bothersome. It didn’t cover anything and it didn’t bothering me at all. I wish I could ask for my six dollars back because I don’t think I want to keep playing this game if I have to wait 30 seconds between each game just to watch them try to sell me candy crush.
SO. MANY. ADS! Not all that challenging 🤷🏽‍♀️
Phoebe92fab4 on 2022-05-16
Not really sure why everyone loves this game? Sure, it’s free, but the number of ads is just over the top compared to some of the other games I play. There’s an ad before and after every single step of the game. It’s ridiculous! Honestly, the game is not all that challenging. I really don’t understand why everyone is talking about it. I play other games that have fewer ads and are more challenging with more rewards.
Ad policy
Ken Popcorn on 2022-05-16
I understand that you need ads to pay your way, but I just sat through two ads that were 75 seconds long. That’s not going to fly and you have too many competitors who don’t abuse advertising. You need to clean up your act You might pass on to your ad servers that if a user hasn’t clicked an ad in 30 seconds, making it 150% longer isn’t going to win them over, it’ll just make them dump you
MomOfSammy on 2022-05-16
I wanted to play add free, so I paid for the game. The game is still quite annoying because after every round, it suggests other games to play. That wouldn’t be bad if there was a way to quickly click out of it, but I haven’t found a way to do that. Also, there is a piggy bank and I don’t know what that’s for. I keep wondering if the game is charging me for something. It’s all very confusing.
Beware of hidden fees!!!
Bttrfly72980 on 2022-05-16
Loved the game so I wanted the ad free version. When I purchased the ad free version for $3.00 I had no idea that this was a monthly fee. I did not see anything that would have eluded to this ridiculous monthly service until I noticed a reoccurring charge on my credit card after several months. One time fee?….. ok, but every month?!?!? I am breaking up with this game. Beware of this fraud.
Game play good - seller not
Manda0679 on 2022-05-16
Nice Wordle game, but buyer beware. I purchased “no ads” and after I uninstalled/reinstalled the app, it does not restore the purchase. There is a “restore purchase” button, but according to the seller the purchase and username are not linked so it is not possible to restore after reinstall. I even provided proof of purchase but out of luck. Uninstalling for good.
Fun game but there are ads even with the paid version
MattMciGamer on 2022-05-16
The game is fun but there are way too many ads. There is an option to “remove all ads” for $6 which I am more than willing to pay for (and did) but there were still ads to play a previous date’s game. And the ads aren’t just 5 seconds but borderline malware. I went ahead and got a refund and would recommend the app creator to offer a true ad free experience.

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