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Dec, 2021


Dec, 2021



Wordle is a timer based word game in which you are given letters to create a word as fast as you can! If you get stuck you can use a Skip but use them wisely! Compete with friends and work to achieve the top score on our global leaderboard!

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sethcane on 2022-01-17
Thought that I would look at this game to see why it was popping up to much. As I thought it is a simple game and I can see why it is liked. Because it is a simple small game small issues become large which Lowers me review sharply. One such thing is the volume control. Can’t turn it off and seems to be tied to the ringer volume and not the speaker volume. I don’t like loud sounds when playing game like this personally. Nor would I play it out in public unless I could turn the sound down or off. Games fine though. Again it’s simple.
Desperately needs an expanded dictionary
Josiahwschmidt on 2022-01-17
“Lance,” “caned,” “runes,” “filed,” “paled,” are all words that Wordle doesn’t recognize, which I discovered in less than 15 minutes of playing. And yet words like “atomy” are? It really takes the fun out of the game when the accepted/rejected vocabulary is so spotty arbitrary. I would say that this game ‘paled’ in comparison to apps like Words With Friends, and that I have ‘filed’ Wordle under “apps that need more work,” but I don’t think Wordle would understand.
SCREAMS even with NO volumn on!
Tpkyt on 2022-01-17
This is NOT THE Wordle game as this is a knock-off!!! 1. NOTHING turns off or down the volume——— 2. + sign does NOTHING——— 3. I should not have to pay to shut you up! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY YOU TO GET THEiR OWN VOLUME CONTROL THATS ON MUTE TO STAY NOT GIVING VOLUME!!!!!!!!——— 4. If I choose german language on an ENGLISH settings phone, app crashes! ——— NO reason to play app! MY EARS BLOODY HURT AND I HaVE A HEADACHE!!!
Words list and UI need improvement
galenkun on 2022-01-17
Getting proper nouns like "Siri" and "Rick" is frustrating. Even more so is legitimate words not being acceptable entries. However my biggest issue with the game is the font. The round uniformity makes letters very difficult to differentiate from one another. I'd appreciate an option to use a more basic font that doesn't obfuscate the puzzle.
Lacks Basic Settings
photocat37 on 2022-01-17
As far as I can tell, you can’t turn the sound off or even down. Why??? Turning your phone volume off does nothing. It’s pretty loud too. I’m not going to be one of those annoying people in a public place that makes everybody listen to what their playing on their phone. Other than that it seems to be an ok game but I won’t be playing.
The idea is good but not executed nicely
Ishaan p on 2022-01-17
The idea of the game is good and it’s fun to play but it does have a big problem. It only recognizes it’s own words. For example, I entered the word “west” but it wanted “stew” so it marked my word as wrong even though it should’ve worked. This problem has occurred to me multiple times. It would be nice if it could be addressed.
Good concept
Mynicknameistaken :-0 on 2022-01-17
Fun concept but needs customization ability. Wish I could set how much time to find words, so my 7 year old could attempt to play as well. He would enjoy this but certainly would need more time to find words. Also, wish I could just drag my finger across like in word cookies rather than having to tap each letter.
Half finished game
dangela45 on 2022-01-17
This never should have been released to the public without the game having the full English dictionary of words in it. It’s feel like a game in development & just a frustrating waste of time Ex: R-U-F-S….. furs? Unacceptable. Answer: Surf Ex: A-E-D-M….. mead? Unacceptable Answer: made Dumb and deleted
Boring Words
RunAndKickGirl on 2022-01-17
So many 4-letter words to choose from, yet only a few are used (and repeated.) Word choice is laughable: pimp, vlog, jays, boob, afro, hemp, xray, dino, kipp (?), fart, pyro, juju, mojo, barf, mosh, haka, and cobb with 2 b’s. It makes silly errors such as rejecting “west” yet insisting upon “wets.” Yawn
Fun but incomplete dictionary
rct65 on 2022-01-17
I like this game but it is really frustrating to have real words like pate and dons not accepted but yapp and jaks are included. I play other word games that usually don’t accept words that are considered inappropriate. I get that but this needs a much better dictionary for me to continue playing.

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