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Mar, 2021



Collect, Hatch, and Tame loyal pets in Norris Nuts: World of Pets! A social RPG adventure game where friends set out on a quest to discover hidden secrets and explore colorful new lands! Enter a land of fantastical animals and colorful characters in World of Pets, a place to meet, play and trade with friends! Explore magical locations together, with their own Quests, Items, and Pets! Pets start as eggs, once hatched it's up to you to look after them so they can grow bigger! Use potions to create elemental versions of your creatures. Customize your player and your pets, take them to new areas and take on Quests! World of Pets is a social place! Meet with friends and make new ones, play, trade, have competitions, and compare styles in the Town Center!

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Caleb (not a 10 year old) on 2021-04-12
I love your channel and everything, but.... there were major issues with your game. I gave it five stars because you worked really hard just to make all the legends happy. One major issue I have having problems with is that the game would kick me out every five minutes. I tried other things to make it stop but it just kept on happening. And something that I don’t get is...... what is the point of the game? There’s no adventure and action. The only thing that is really adventurous is the obbys. Something you did really good In is the animation. The animation is amazing and I think that you did an amazing job on it. I am a huge legend and I love your channel and all of your videos. Oh yeah. Another thing. I purchased the founders pack.... and......... nothing happened. I tried to do something to get it back but I can’t find a way to get it. I got the pre order and I signed in to my account and I saw that nothing had happened. I used the same email and account. I’m sorry but you maybe could have put a couple more months into this game to completely fix all of the issues. Byeeee!!! #legendarmy From, AnnaTank
Love it
YoitzChlo on 2021-04-12
Ever since the video came out about the new game me and my friends were bursting with excitement ,we couldn’t wait to do all the cool stuff in the game me and my friends love playing it it’s so fun. I just wanted to say something to all The Norris Nuts,Sabre you are by far a way better makeup artist than me ,sometimes I follow the videos that have you doing the makeup. Naz I know one thing you want to do in the UK is to catch a squirrel,I am a UK legend and it seems pretty cool to do , but the only thing to make sure is that you don’t catch a grey squirrel they are very feisty and there also killing the red squirrels which is sad. Biggy I love your songs I think they’re so catchy and cool and one thing I always say to my friends and family is STAY SHRIMPY. Sockie I love all of your recipes that you make with your siblings and i also love to do them at home aswell I especially love the videos with Disco he is so cute and them. I love watching your videos, you guys are so amazing ,I hope one day I can meet you all :) ❤️
Poogles10 on 2021-04-12
I have been waiting for so long to finally play this game and it is SO AMAZING! I am so proud of you guys and I just want to give you all some messages: Sabre, You are the most beautiful and talented (now women) I have ever seen and I think you will grow up to be a beautiful and wonderful person. Sockie, you are my number one idol. I love to cook and you know how you were so excited to meet Gordon Ramsay? Well that is how excited I am to meet you (even tho I probably won’t ;c). Biggy, You are so wonderful. You are my number one celebrity crush and I wish with all my heart that we could get married some day. Naz, you are so cute and I think you are such and talented artist and say hello to bunny for me! Disco&Charm, you two are the cutest little things in the whole world and I hope you get to read this when you are older! I hope you both get to accomplish all of the dreams that you can even imagine! Anyway, I hope that I get to meet you guys some day and I hope you enjoyed reading my letters to you guys! ❤️
sephora1356 on 2021-04-12
Omg i am so happy the new game is out! If you guys are reading this à love your channel! You guys are such a loving family and watching your videos just make my dayI am an American legend by the way and I’m hoping to move to Australia one day. But one day is not today so that’s a bummer. Since I don’t live in Australia I won’t get to see you guys so I’m so happy you’ve made this game. Hopefully I’ll get to play with you guys that would be so much fun! I just wanted to say that Sabre you are amazing and I learned a few things from you. Sockie I know one day you will become a professional cook so keep working hard! Biggy you are so good at the guitar and I think you should start a music channel! Biggy don’t give up on txunamy! Naz I love you because you’re like the nicest girl ever! You have such a kind heart and don’t ever stop being nice. How’s bunny going haven’t seen here in any videos lately. Tell you I said hi! Love you guys❤️
Amazing can I play forever
crayola cran on 2021-04-12
Hi Norris Nuts I am an American Legend and have been a legend since you started and I would love for you to come to San Jose California because nothing bad ever happens and our president is trying to ban guns so America is safe. I love your baking videos and would love to meet you in person. Your game is amazing nothing bad for me so far. And Biggy I have the cutest puppy ever and dogs will not eat people only food or stuff off the ground and Naz I support you 1000000% in getting a guinea pig and Saber you need to continue makeup you are amazing and finally Sockie you should try being vegetarian again because I am vegetarian and I have braces and knowing that you and Saber have braces made me feel a lot better and your NN fashion is amazing so overall amazing game and thank you for reading this if you did. From Super OG Legend, Olivia
I Am A Legend
A Real Legend on 2021-04-12
I have been watching the Norris Nuts ever since their second video. They have encouraged me to be the person I am. World Of Pets for me is a game where I can actually have fun. Raising these pets make me feel better about myself and I hope that one day this kids can turn into successful adults. Y’all are amazing and inspirational. Nazzy, you are very sweet girl and very loyal to your family. Biggy, being a singer can be a tough job but I know you can do it. Sockie, an amazing cook but also a wise young lady, rock on! Sabre, whew, you are a woman and don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t, you have come a long way to be this kind of LADY!!! I hope you all can keep up the hard work. A former Legend, Me
Love this AMAZING game✨
OMG I love this game sooooooo much and I am so glad that this game is out!!! There is nothing wrong with this game at all and there is nothing bad to say about this amazing game! I spent hours playing it yesterday and doing the quests are sometimes hard but so much fun! I love a good challenge! This is a great game and I recommend you should download this game and play it! Also, I am a SUPER Legend and I live in America and it is a great place to live in. Sockie, if you are reading this PLEASE listen!!! You should definitely come to visit America! It is totally safe (other than there being a pandemic so don’t go yet but you should definitely come when its all over because the pandemic is worse in America) Enjoy your day!
Hi Norris nuts
ssniperwofe on 2021-04-12
Hi Norris nuts I love your app and I’m so glad you invented it as much as I would love to play well I do play but I just get so aggravated about how I had to sign in and then I got in the game and then it kicked me off and I had to sign in again and my mom was already really mad that she had to sign in like for five times so I would like you to change it to work we would like we could join and not have to like sign and all that info and stuff it just got me really really mad stay shrimpy love donuts keep cooking and do art and soukkiy I’m sorry I spelled your name wrong but don’t B afraid to come to America because I am an American legend and I’d love to meet you
I love it!
Nola(or Nono) on 2021-04-12
Dear Norris nuts, I love the game it is a cool way to bring everyone together when we are all apart. I watch almost every video you post! I just became a legend this year and am so excited that even though I can’t comment on your channel that I can still somehow talk to you and the legends! I enjoyed, but, there was one problem I had. When I went to the pet shop I looked at what an item was but when I exited out of the shop it is still telling me what the item does and the only way I got rid of it was reseting the game. If you fix this that would be awesome. Other than that I have been enjoying the game and having fun. Thanks for being awesome. Sincerely, Nola
Hi NN/legends/shrimp squad!
B00gie b34r on 2021-04-12
I live for you guys. Im not even joking! You keep me from... well... a lot of things. BIGGY if your reading this MARRY ME!!! SABRE if your reading this your my idol! Thank you for always being so positive. SOCKIE please dont stop being you and keep making me the happiest person in the world. NAZZY i really hope you get a guinea pig. And i hope you will always be happy. ALL OF YOU GUYS I got the merch! NO! Its fashion *cuts to clip* FASHION! *cuts back* Anyways I got the hexagon hoodie. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEONG THE MOST AMAZING PROPLE. I LUV YOU ALL! Thanks again, Melanie. Nope. Try again. STAY SHRIMPY LEGENDS, Melanie (super legend, luv you)

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