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Aug, 2022


Aug, 2022



Join with your partners in the best and fantasy RPG now! Gather your avengers and lead them to fight the darkness for the future. Which heroes will you choose? · AFK&IDLE SYSTEM Level-up when you’re AFK, reap the rewards when you get back. Idle anytime, battle anywhere! Just take a break from working and studying. · STRAGEGIC BATTLE Plan your own offensive and defensive strategy with hundreds of hero combinations. Summon your heroes, upgrade their equipment, develop their skills, strengthen your team! · A MASS OF MAGIC ADVENTURE There’re various instances in this magic arena. Choose your marvelous adventure in this role playing game. Either battling for glory in the global arena, exploring hidden treasures throughout the mysterious maze in Space Discovery, or even hunting Galaxy Wanted wandering in the space! · CROSS-SERNER WARS Play with more than 1 million players across the planet! Compete with players all over the world and determine who shall lead the future world to fight back darkness in this war! · SAVE THE ANIMALS Touch the screen with your fingers, to draw a line as the wall to protect the animals from attacks by bees! Hold on 10 seconds and you will win the game. Animals are in danger now, come and save them!

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Doug Germ on 2022-09-27
Kept seeing these ads of some jagaloon trying to keep these bees from stinging a weird corgi ball creature thing, right? Well, whoever is playing has about three brain cells and is clearly being paid to take a dive. They’d make a great boxer. I digress. Well, I kept seeing these ads and I reckoned I could show this schmuck up, right? So, I caved. I downloaded the game. It was free anyway, so it’s not like I’m losing money here. Well, I was immediately when I saw a giant robot causing a ruckus in the background, like what does that mechanical stinker have to do with saving corgis from bees? I played the first level, a level so insultingly simple. Then, all of a sudden, I’m taken to some screen with a big breasted lady telling me to upgrade my fighters or something! This is not the corgi saving game???? Well come to find that game is just like, a mini-game of sorts. I find it very deceptive, though, to ONLY advertise the corgi-bee game, and say nary a word about whatever the micro-transactional cesspool that the game actually is.
It could have been a great game….
Łükë B on 2022-09-27
I don’t the two parts to this game relate to each other. Everyone who is downloading this has probably seen the ads, and all you expect it saving the dog from bees. This game also features collecting cards to battle out with bosses and other characters not related to bees and a dog. It could have been a great game to me if you would have chosen one path. The game doesn’t make sense to me. How does the dog getting stung by bees relate to battles? I honestly downloaded the game to use when I’m bored at work. I thought it would be fun just based off the ads. Upon playing it there’s way too much going on. I only really like one part of the game, and the battles to unlock more levels is kind of a chore. 2 stars.
Just one of those falsely advertised apps.
Envy 123 on 2022-09-27
I thought it was going to solely be one of those games where you draw something to protect a character. Y’know just a simple cute game to play to pass time but nope. It’s one of those battle legend games. And it’s not that I have anything against those games I just hate when they advertise games to be focused on one thing thing give you something 95% different. LISTEN IF YOU LIKE BATTLE LEGEND GAMES WITH DINOSAURS, DRAGONS, AND FAIRIES WITH MINI GAMES ON THE SIDE. THEN YES THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU. But this is NOT the “save the animal game” that is advertised in the icon and in the ads. On top of this the 5 star reviews are obviously fake. Kind of suspicious.
Bait and switch
Daniel🌵 on 2022-09-27
Imagine bringing home a 10 but when you’re in there, you finally realize, “what the heck was I thinking.” So you continue and the more invested you get the more frustrated you get because you’re trying to save a dog from getting bitten by bees, and after each level you hear “ABSOLUTE ZERO” I’d rather get Chinese water tortured than listen to “ABSOLUTE ZERO” after every level. Stop trying to push crappy battle games and sugar coat it with that dog/ bee game. I’m not even sure how apple lets you getaway with this. This is false advertisement and I’m offended! #karen #metoo #covid
What is this game.
Meatbrick10 on 2022-09-27
So basically from what I determined is it is a game within other games. So for like a month you’re throwing dinosaurs at other dinosaurs and then next month you’re saving a dog from bees. Then all the sudden your in some battle royale game, there’s hero’s and villain and scrolls?? But then I’m saving a puppy from bees. To fight the villains. They basically find mindless games from other creators, spend 3 hours rewriting that game and then add it to this weird league of legends looking thing as a point system. It’s so strange. But the dog game was fun.
This app was so misleading
NicoKnee on 2022-09-27
I never write reviews, but this app really made me want to write one. I saw this app as an ad for a game based on blocking bees from stinging dogs. Never once was there any hint of what this app actually is. This app is basically an entire different game than advertised - false advertisement. Why is the saving dog part so low quality but everything else is heavily detailed? I played this app for maybe 5 minutes before deleting it because i couldn’t deal with the tutorial. I just wanted to play the game advertised to me.
Awful game
RittiIkea on 2022-09-27
I saw the ads. No where in the ads did it mention that this was a battle game. That’s fine I guess but I signed up to play save dog not battle royale. Also WHY does the tutorial last SO long??? Homie, I was on LEVEL 6 and you’re still forcing me to click what YOU want. Let me play the game how *I* want or at least give the option to disable the tutorial. Ridiculous stuff guys for real. Bad game, bad game play, horrible tutorial. Would give this 0/5 if I could 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
humannperson on 2022-09-27
I expected to download a fun little game about saving a dog from bees, and end up seeing sexualized women and weird hybrid things 💀 I don’t care for summoning heros and fighting. I’ve seen SO MANY games like this, they’re extremely unoriginal But here’s some actual feedback, not just me ranting; The chat needs moderators or something. There’s people talking about how horny they are and LITERAL CHILDREN are able to read it?? Please do something about that if you’re able
Why is there like two unrelated games at the same time?
UPSET_PLAYER_ on 2022-09-27
I only got this game ONLY to play the puzzle of save the dog. I found incredibly annoying that I have to play another hero battle style game by the force. If I feel like playing that kind of game, I would have downloaded specifically to play that particular game. Duh? This game promise to be only focus in saving the dog and is NOT the case. Stick to what you promise and don’t force to play another random unrelated cheap heroes-battle game that I do not feel like playing!
Annoyingly deceptive tactics
Isaiah1man on 2022-09-27
The ads and the setup of the app listing seem like a weird trick to get younger kids to play a game centered around questionable characters. Notice how the first couple of pictures are of the mini game “save the dog”, and the rest are of the actual game. Even the whole app icon is about the dog! The ads have bubbly music surrounding it, persuading children in with the appeal of saving a dog, yet after playing one or two levels the game completely changes.

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