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Scenic hills animal hospital, Saint Paul, Minnesota
doggielove22 on 2021-04-20
If I could give scenic hills hospital 0 stars, I would. Do not bring your pet here! I brought my sick doggie in for an evaluation because she was throwing up and urinating in her sleep. She was diagnosed with diabetes. However, I had to call the vet to get results when they didn’t call me. The vet emailed me info regarding canine diabetes and the email said an additional email had been sent with prescription for insulin, administration instructions and how to fill it. That email never arrived. I called several times and emailed the vet directly. I still did not receive a response. The fourth time I called, the clinic had closed. Meanwhile, my dog is becoming increasingly sick. The next morning my dog was even sicker. I took the day off from work to make sure she got her insulin ASAP. I called again the second they opened and was again told it had been sent. I asked who the sender was and what the subject line was to clarify it hadn’t ended up in spam folder or trash ( even though I’d checked several times),but she couldn’t tell me and the vet couldn’t talk to me. I asked her to resend the email while I was watching and it, voila, immediately appeared. When I opened the email it was a link to order the insulin online and would be delivered in 3-5 business days, or for an extra $5, 2 business days, however, this was on a Friday and my dog was REALLY sick. I called back and insistently said my dog needed the insulin immediately. The person to whom I was speaking to said “ma’am, if you’re so worried about your dog, take her to a hospital.” What!?!?!? To make a very long story short I did drive to scenic hills hospital and got a hard copy of the insulin script, but was told they “didn’t know where I could fill it.” Eventually a friend of a friend knew a vet who filled the script, but by the time I got home with it, my dog was too sick to eat and you cannot give insulin unless the dog has eaten. She appeared very weak and was continuing to throw up so I brought her to ANOTHER vet who administered an IV, gave her an appetite stimulant and anti nausea meds. This vet did not understand why the scenic hills vet did not have insulin on site, or had delayed treatment and prolonged my dog’s suffering. I am still waiting to see if my dog will recover. Do not go here!!!!They charged me almost $500 for this and never even returned my calls about my dog’s condition. There is no excuse to be this negligent/ cruel to a suffering animal. They have absolutely no ethics in terms of “duty of care”.
aria worships on 2021-04-20
I made an appointment and they said I could come in. I came in for my 11 o’clock appointment and all of the chairs were full. I waited about 10min. And the owner said I’m getting your chair ready. Three white women came in and sat beside me. He came up to them and said what are you here for, they all said pedis as well. He cleaned there chairs and sat them first and said he will get with me. When the ladies got up to go the sweet grandmother said why weren’t you seated first. I said I don’t know. I was going to leave because I realized I was Treated Unfairly because I am not one to make a scene. I waited about 5 min and got up to leave but by then he had a chair ready for me . Once I put my feet in the water it was over. I didn’t know I had to wait another 10min for the lady besides me to get through with her client. He went right to work on one of the other women. I have a new born at home and just didn’t have the fight in me. This was my first pedicure experience after the pandemic and I was just glad to have a moment to myself. This experience actually affected me so bad because I can’t sleep and I have never been treated like that before. I hear people talk about it but to actually got through it is another thing. I will never go to that nail shop again and I regret even giving my service to them. I wish that when he had sat those three white women down I had gotten up and went back home. I would rate this no stars if I could
Not correctly moderated - Yelp
jtalisman on 2021-04-20
Update-BIASED on both sides of the line I worked for a mental health business where a therapist was reported to Yelp for harassing a female. My boss was furious. As his office manager, I know this man did Harris this female and my boss yelled at Yelp day in and out until they hid it. They probably did it just to just him up This therapist touched his female clients - several of them underaged female clients - during his tenure at [my place of employment]. When he fired this therapist- it was 4 years later - it was for the same thing that the females had reported him for. Yelp has the initial complaint hidden. I tried to unhide it and received a warning that the information was all but unsupported gossip. When I insisted on reading it, I was able to after another click or two. Original Post I do not want to use the Yelp app. I do wish to be able to link to my browser, not the App Store so I can re-download the cruddy app. The app does not allow for things that I like that the Website does. The Don’t FORCE me to use an underrated app. I dislike Yelp as a whole.
Stay far away
AlexisMoore80 on 2021-04-20
Never claim a page from them. They are garbage, shady people. They will show one made up negative review of your business and “hide” literally all of the positive reviews from your regular daily customers. For a small business starting out this can be crippling. In the beginning I tried to get help by calling, and the man had me balling and said “sounds like you just want everything to be your way”. I was like no, I want you to show every legitimate review from my customers! I had all 5 star reviews other than one mystery person, and they didn’t count any of the positive ones, so when people looked up my business all they saw was one star and one negative review. They are trying to extort business owners for money, which most new business owners don’t have. Luckily we overcame their shady practices and after 5 years of hard work we have a successful business- no thanks to Yelp. What they do to small businesses is despicable. Google is much better, we even got a reward from them for being a Veteran Owned Business. Kudos to Google!
Beautiful and lasting
hgetsib on 2021-04-20
I sent my mom flowers from Bloom by Anuschka for her 80th birthday. They arrived on time - but way more importantly they were gorgeous. My mom thought they were so special and spectacular - which is what I was hoping for since it was such an important birthday. Now, the best part. I saw my mom again 11 days after her birthday. The arrangement was still vibrant, gorgeous and my mom was still over the moon about them. Honestly, most flower arrangements from other stores last about 5 days max. But I have always noticed that Blooms last much longer. I think it’s because they have great quality and make the arrangements to order. I couldn’t be happier with them. Thank you!
Terrible costumer service
ElsieF09 on 2021-04-20
They seem to not care at all about their clients. I have been waiting 1 month to get a call to inform that my glasses were ready while I had been told it would take 2 weeks. Decided to call after 3 and they told that « somehow my order was cancelled ». They then rushed the glasses order in their lab so I could have them after another week and I was told that some kind of compensation would be offered. I picked my glasses up and they were just handed to me quickly quite rudely and without fitting process and of course no mention of any compensations. If this « America’s best », America does not have much to offer in term of eye care....
irritablarizonamama on 2021-04-20
We went in for fish snd chips and found the restaurant to be extremely cold! We walked toward the back and there were two unoccupied tables! It was warm and nice so we sat there while waiting for our order. We got our order and were enjoying our dinner when an employee came and pointed to a sign stating it was for employees only. I told her it was extremely cold everywhere else so we would need sacks if we had to go, She gave us our sacks and we left! Hard to believe that the employees are more important than paying customers!!! Needless to say, we won’t go back!!!!
Very disappointed
It's the best cupcacke app! on 2021-04-20
We stayed in another Tru Hilton and really enjoyed it. The one in Florence, SC was just not clean. The sticker on the door that is supposed to verify that it was sanitized was broken. The floor was littered with dirt, the bathroom counter was not clean, no soap in the bathroom, pillowcases looked like they had not been changed, there was hair in the shower, etc. I complained but was told no other rooms were available and that the sticker was left off just by mistake. Especially during COVID this is really unacceptable. I have literally never written a bad review before.
Lake House on Pistakee
Valpowa93 on 2021-04-20
Here is my review for my first visit to the Lake House on Pistakee. For the atmosphere I’ll give it a five stars. For the food I’ll give it a five stars. For the waiter his attitude and his personality I gave it a five star. It was a great visit we had a good time. The only thing that I would recommend is to have another waiter or waitress there to speed up the orders and the serving of the food. I’ll still give it all five stars. We came in there at about 16 of us will be back
Horrible business practices
ChedCheez on 2021-04-20
Yelp is protecting and defending businesses that are not socially distancing, not wearing masks and endangering people. I have submitted a complaint to several news and better business agencies in the hopes that people will take notice of this behavior. I posted a review about a place not wearing masks and not socially distancing and my account was terminated because I spoke out... This needs to be taken seriously yelp is endangering people by taking down these reviews.

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