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Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Yelp features: Food Near You - Find Restaurants • Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area • Make reservations, order delivery or pickup—all from your phone • Filter restaurant search results by price, location, open now, and more Search for Nearby Businesses, Services, & Professionals • Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers • Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community • Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen • Find great deals offered by local businesses, get quotes instantly, and book appointments Beauty - Pamper Yourself • Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, and more • Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations Search Filters • Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation • Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app Other Features • Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business • Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp. Need Help? Contact Yelp at Note: Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Stoney run the elms Hanover Maryland
sinclair harrison on 2020-10-26
I have been a tenant for almost 8 years and when this virus hit our country we decided to terminate our lease they charged us $1826 penalty we were supposed to move out September 30th we asked if we could stay four more weeks they said we could so I gave them the rent for September $1826 When the virus subsided we asked would they allow us to go month to month they said yes. October 1st I went to pay my rent for November they told me they rented my unit I had to get out 8 years a total of $155,000 and they kicked us out It’s like they are doing us a favor the way they treat us the reason I am writing this is Today I exited my unit and slipped on a pool of water outside my door I live on the second floor I almost fell down the stairs but thankfully no broken bones, several bruises and sprains but I cannot go to the emergency room, because of the virus I immediately called the office they often take the phone of the hook and close the office so I called head office and asked if they could clear the water 2 days later the water is still there I took photos so disrespectful to tenants the treatment of tenants is disgusting and they know we cannot do anything about it. So beware if you are intending to rent so nice when you are moving in and hit you with a big bill when you move out. PS They power washed the stairs that’s why the water was there forgot to mention that. God Bless and stay healthy USA
Why one star...
Vic42670 on 2020-10-26
Trying to read reviews online via safari . Wasn’t aware of the reviews being on a separate stand alone area but found out quick enough . Was allowed to open/ read one review but as I tried to open a second review , any review good or bad I was force sent to the App Store. So far no big deal . There've been many times on safari where I’d be sent to the App Store and asked to download the app “for better service and more options”, etc ..on the app , all I had to do was click to stay in safari and all set... well not with this app , I figured that I had to be the issue in my not being able to stay on safari and this website .... wrong , I tried every silly little trick to stay in safari on this website and it would only throw the same pop up at me again and again to download the app in the App Store ... I wasn’t about to do that just for an occasional review thread that I can’t read in safari . But to leave this review and would / did .... I’m sure I’ve only gave the site what it wants (more downloads) which sort of goes against the feeling of my review , hopefully me deleting the app ASAP after sending this review will at the very least counter the download plus. I have no idea if the app is good / bad or other, and don’t intend on ever finding out . Any app that forces you to do anything gets no love from me
Lancaster General Hospital
Roadiemom on 2020-10-26
I’m giving this place negative 5 Stars 2day Went to visit my Mom in hospital..and they wouldn’t let me up to her room to spend a few minutes w/her..they stated I wasn’t on patient visitor they called up to my Mothers floor and asked nurses to check w/my Mom to see if she’d agree to let me see her..but, they never returned the call to frt desk/reception area...I completely understand that nurses are busy..and everyone is working hard to be COVID-19 compliant..but, I feel the individuals @ frt desk could’ve tried a lot harder ...I waited for almost 15 mins and got frustrated sams finally left
Reliford-Sutton on 2020-10-26
This mail and on-line catalog sells lovely, unique items that I’m always temped to purchase, but their shipping costs are overly high. I returned an item (not as pictured), and waited 2 12 months for credit, contacting Signals periodically to be told that the item hadn’t arrived in the warehouse yet. Returns take, I learned, between two to three weeks to process. My return was clearly lost. Instead of issuing a good faith credit, Signals held firm and refused, even after almost two months after I returned the item, to comply with my request.
Under staffed, out of stock in certain oils and didn’t have the tool to get my oil cap off!
Jazmin330 on 2020-10-26
Today I said for 30 minutes just to wait to be pulled inside of the garage. After getting pulled in I sat for about another 25 minutes. They started my service and for one was out of the oil that I normally use so I said no biggie and chose another oil. After about 15-20 minutes in told me they didn’t have the tool to get my oil cap off. He said he ordered one but it hadn’t came yet. So I basically wasted well over a HOUR of my day to absolutely not get my oil changed. This is ridiculous and I don’t be back!
The most authentic
CaSh kInG69 on 2020-10-26
I randomly stopped in the other store looking for something to eat and thought I would give it a try since I really like Indian food. I have tried a lot of Indian food and a lot of it is really good but these guys are absolutely phenomenal. I grew up with a lot of Indian friends and tasted the Indian food that is cooked in the house. This is by far the closest I’ve ever had well-balanced absolutely perfect heat. I cannot wait to try the rest of their menu. Thanks guys you made my culinary year !!!❤️❤️❤️
Public Storage
deb in ky on 2020-10-26
I was on the phone today with Jessica in Chicago Heights, Il trying to rent a storage unit in Lansing, Il for my niece while I’m in Mayfield, Ky. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to her for helping me through the new on line process. She was extremely patient and professional!!!! If it wasn’t for her I would have given up. I’m 59 years old and I can’t remember a time when dealing with someone on the phone was less aggravating. Public Storage you need more employees like this GEM!!!!!!
Yelp is TERRIBLE!!
Maggy-the-man on 2020-10-26
I will not be using yelp anymore! Not my family or friends because I left many good reviews for different place and they marked them as not recommended and then took them down. It’s a lie for many businesses and not accurate at all! Seem like they are biased and like to post only bad reviews. I have posted not so good reviews and those stayed. I read some of the local places and it’s not even true on more then Half of the places so I wouldn’t trust Yelp anymore!! 2 Big thumbs down
Lucky Goat coffee
D'Light Jones on 2020-10-26
Absolutely amazing coffee and company! Only flavored coffee my husband will drink! ( that’s huge!) to him.. everyone else but lucky goat tastes artificial.. he likes the southern pecan and goat tracks! When I came in this week I was looking for a baby gift for my expecting daughter who turned us on to lucky goat coffee. Management went out of their way to find me the perfect baby T-shirt for our grandson ! This is one of the many reasons I Love lucky goat! Loyal customer 4ever! ☕️
Best Service
NitaBina on 2020-10-26
Perfect place to work on your computer and get your car fixed. The staff were welcoming, but out of all the staff the most helpful was Willy. He went above and beyond to help me. I was thinking I was going to clean my own car. He helped to vacuum out my car and it felt very nice as a legitimate single mother who has to bring work home from work, it was nice to get some help for once! I had egg shells, cereal, trash, a corpse (jk).... Thanks Willy! I hope they get you promoted!

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