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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Connecting you to the world of music: ● More than 70 million official songs ● Music content including live performances, covers, remixes and music content you can’t find elsewhere ● Thousands of curated playlist across many genres and activities Get personalized music, perfect for every moment: ● Personalized playlists and Mixes ● Activity mixes made for you ● Create playlists with song suggestions or collaborate with other music fans to create the perfect playlist ● Neatly organized Library to see all of your liked and added songs, playlists you created, and artists you subscribed to Stay on top of the trend and discover new music: ● Check out new releases ● Discover music based genres (Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Dance & Electronic, Blues, Indie & Alternative, Jazz, Kpop, Latin, Rock, and more) ● Discover music based mood (Chill, Feel Good, Energy Booster, Sleep, Focus, Romance, Workout, Commute, Party) ● Explore top charts from all over the world Enhanced your listening experience with unique features: ● Song lyrics so you can sing along to your favorites ● Upload songs from your devices so you can enjoy them in one place with YouTube Music ● Listen on your phone, desktop, smart speaker, smart TV, car, smart watch and within your favorite apps. ● Compatible with Google Maps, Waze, Google Assistant, and more. Upgrade to Music Premium (available in select countries) to enjoy: ● Listen ad-free ● Play music in the background ● Switch seamlessly between audio and video, only with YouTube Music ------------ If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Accounts will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Monthly price: $12.99 USD / $12.99 CAD / $15.99 AUD / $16.99 NZD / £12.99 / €12.99 / $129 pesos MXN / ₩11,500 / 129 kr NOK / 129 kr SEK / 129 kr DKK / 229 ₽ / $3.99 USD (AR) / ₹129.00 IN / R79.99 ZA / $7.99 USD (CR, EC, DO, UY, VE, GT, BO, HN, SV, PY, NI, PA) / 25.99 zł / RON28.99 / 199.00 Kč / Ft1,990.00 / lev11.99 / €7.99 (SK, SI) / €8.99 (GR, MT, CY, LT, LV, EE) / $8.99 (MK) / 17.99 Turkish Lira (TR) / kn79.99 (HR) / $14.87 (IS) / ₪29.90 (IL) / dh27.99 (AE) / $6.99 (QA) / $6.49 (BH, KW, OM, LB) / RP65,000 (ID) / NT$190.00 (TW) / ฿169.00 (TH) / ₱169.00 (PH) / $78.00 (HK) / RM 19.90 (MY) / $12.98 (SG) / USD$7.99 (VE) / ₦1,200.00 (NG) / $12.99 (TC) / USD$7.99 (BY) / £64.99 (EG) /US$7.99 ( BM, KY) / €12.99 (GF, GP, NC) YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy: In-App Purchases 1. YouTube Premium $15.99 2. YouTube Music Premium $12.99

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Has too many issues
jullieeeee on 2023-01-28
I used this app for about two years. I had three phones, Samsung, apple and another apple and the same issues on each one. The app would randomly close during the middle of a song or after a song and then when I opened the app back up it would give me that notification that said “get premium and experience no interruptions.” I was convinced it was on purpose they were turning it off. Also to many limited restrictions, if I wanted to watch a video that’s free on YouTube I had to pay for YouTube music??? Didn’t make sense. Also they were horrible at recommending new songs, it would always be songs I’ve been listening too or music that isn’t my interest of genre. Ended up getting Spotify and I love it WAYYYYYY more than YouTube music. This app only gave me anger but also helped my patience tremendously.
Bean A. on 2023-01-28
App is pretty great overall however getting to your liked songs is kinda tedious. The app feels smooth and I can easily play a song or album that I love because it’ll be on my screen ready to select when I open the app via the “listen again” or “quick picks” features. I do have one suggestion however: ADD AN EQUALIZER FEATURE I find it annoying that since my headphones have extra bass and high end (a V shape on a frequency graph) the mix on lots of songs (mostly very busy prog metal songs) sound quite muddy so I’m always left with the desire to roll off the low and high end. I also find that equalizers just make life a lot better since you can tweak a song to your liking.
lots of bugs that should be easy fixes
27462joe on 2023-01-28
like the title says, if app devs just put in a little bit of effort, the app could be so much better. The lack of ability to edit your Library, many people have reported problems with this. There is one specific bug that is so annoying, where you can't remove unavailable albums from your library. This could very easily be fixed to where you at least give us the option to remove unavailable albums, songs, etc. I will change my review to a more positive one with 5 stars, if they ever implement better and more customization, and fix the unavailable album bug.
T-Dawg37 on 2023-01-28
I had this app since 2018, I seen this app come a long way, and it is almost perfect! But recently, i would play a song and like 20 seconds into the song, the whole app shut downs, and I would have to do this 3-5 times until it stops bugging out. Also I would search and play a song and the autoplay button doesn’t work sometimes, it would just repeat the song, and I would have to manually press next for each song to play. Those are some of the issues that I experienced. I love this app, its helped me so much through the years.
Killed my whole account
Car45fush2 on 2023-01-28
I had over 500 songs in my thumbs up library as well as 36 playlists made and in one random afternoon after an update everything disappeared. I thought it was just my phone so I checked my iPad and same thing. I lost all my progress and personalization and I don’t understand why. I would now have to sit and refind all my music again if the regular app of YouTube had shut down as well. Thankfully there is all my music, however I now have the hassle of sitting down and putting all of my music back where it belonged.
Music is gone!
FragileLover on 2023-01-28
All of my music beside the songs/albums downloaded are gone! When I open the app, there is nothing available to play from my Library/Playlists. My Home, Explore, and Library are completely blank. Whenever I click on New Releases, Charts, or Mood & genres; I receive an error message stating, “something went wrong. We’re working on it” and it gives me the option to go to my downloads. I went through the basic troubleshooting steps and still, no music. Hopefully this issue gets resolved.
For the most part I love it!
Not Kirby on 2023-01-28
I use this app everyday and do believe it is worth the price paid. That said 2 features I wish it had: 1. Ability to easily sort and arrange playlists on a mobile device. It would be great to sort alphabetically and by date added (newest at the top, ext). 2. Have the ability to identify music by sound like Spotify. The feature is there but it has never worked for me… not once. It works on other apps so this is really disappointing *I use this app on both a Pixel 5 and iPhone12
Roller Coaster
That One Guy Whos Picky on 2023-01-28
We went from a pretty eh UI, to a good one, and now we’re back to over complicating things. The newest UI update is incredibly annoying. Let me access my library by default, don’t mix in every other tab. Literally all you’ve accomplished is removing one button from the bottom, and cluttering the library tab for no reason. I’m about over music apps changing UI into some insane minimalist nightmare. Let me have my Library separated, without the need to “filter” it at the top.
everything went down hill.
losson bynum on 2023-01-28
before the 2023 redesign i could listen to music, listen to my playlists, in my personal opnion youtube music was the best app to listen to music. but with this god forsakem redesign its by far the worst app to listen to music. i cant listen to my playlists but i can put music in them? that's utterly ridiculous and outrageous. youtube music needs to fix something fast or it's gonna go down to the worst music streaming app im the markey. 0/10 would not recommend.
KalieK96 on 2023-01-28
I love this app but lately it’s been glitching and the app will just close for no reason right in the middle of a song! Doesn’t matter if I’m on WiFi or data. I’m paying for YouTube premium and this needs fixed ASAP. I’ve updated the app and my iPhone 12 Pro. I don’t want to cancel my subscription but I’m getting tired of having to constantly watch my phone to see if it’s going to glitch out again. Please fix this

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