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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



YouTube Music is a new music app that allows you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new music. Get playlists and recommendations served to you based on your context, tastes, and what’s trending around you. A new music streaming service from YouTube This is a completely reimagined music service with official releases from your favorite artists. Find the music you want ● Easily find the albums, singles, live performances, covers and remixes you’re looking for. ● Don’t know a song’s name? Just search the lyrics or describe it. Discover new music ● Get music recommendations based on taste, location, and time of day. ● Use “The Hotlist” to keep up with what’s trending. Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium to enjoy these benefits: ● Listen ad-free ● Don’t worry about your music stopping when you lock your screen or use other apps. ● Download your favorites or let us do it for you by enabling Offline Mixtape. If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Monthly price: $12.99 USD / $12.99 CAD / $15.99 AUD / $16.99 NZD / £12.99 / €12.99 / $129 pesos MXN / $9.89 USD (KR only) / 129 kr NOK / 129 kr SEK / 129 kr DKK / 229 ₽ / ₹129.00 / $3.99 USD (AR) / ₹129.00 IN / R79.99 ZA / $7.99 USD (CR, EC, DO, UY, VE, GT, BO, HN, SV, PY, NI, PA) / 25.99 zł / RON28.99 / 199.00 Kč / Ft1,990.00 / lev11.99 / $6.49 (BY) / €7.99 (SK, SI) / €8.99 (GR, MT, CY, LT, LV, EE) / $8.99 (MK) / 17.99 Turkish Lira (TR) / kn79.99 (HR) / $14.87 (IS) / ₪29.90 (IL) / dh27.99 (AE) / $6.99 (QA) / $6.49 (BH, KW, OM, LB) / RP65,000 (ID) / NT$190.00 (TW) / ฿169.00 (TH) / ₱169.00 (PH) / $78.00 (HK) / RM 19.90 (MY) / $12.98 (SG) / USD$7.99 (VE) / ₦1,200.00 (NG) / $12.99 (TC) / USD$7.99 (BY) / £64.99 (EG) / $12.99 (AS, AW, BM, KY, GU, MQ, YT, PF, MP, PG, PR, TC, VI) / €12.99 (GF, GP, NC) YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy: In-App Purchases 1. YouTube Premium $15.99 2. YouTube Music Premium $12.99

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Should’ve been an easy switch.
joshua_ramos8 on 2020-12-04
I use every Google product out there. When I switched to YouTube Music because Google play was being taken down, I transferred my music (that went smoothly) and I thought it would be the same interface as Google Play, but it’s incredibly worse. Here are a lists of things I hope to see in future updates. 1) When you add a new song to a downloaded playlist, the song should automatically download instead of having to re-download (or refresh) the whole playlist. Google did this perfectly, not sure why YouTube can’t. 2) Ability to select multiple songs at once to transfer to playlists/download. 3) The app saves your playback settings. Having to select “loop” every time I play a playlist is ridiculous. I want to be able to hit “shuffle” and not have to worry about that extra step. Especially since you have to select the queue and then hit loop. 4) The ability to download the whole song library. Again, Google made that easy but now you have to download everything separately, or add everything separately to a playlist. 5) Quick navigation between Albums, Artist, Playlist and library. I respect that YouTube music is trying to get more people noticed by adding a bunch of recommendations and exploring options, but at the end of the day, 9 out of 10 times when I use the app, I just want to listen to the music I have in my library. Every now and then I love how easy it is to find new music when I want to, but that shouldn’t be a priority above the music I already enjoy. 6) “Downloads” should be categorized, having songs, albums, and playlists all in one line gets aggravating when I’m looking for one playlist. 7) the “download only” switch on Google was absolutely amazing. I can open the app and start playing music instantly. Now I have to wait for it to buffer and load but I know it’s not loading my music, it’s loading all the recommendations and explore stuff when I don’t need that. Which again, furthers my point that it shouldn’t be a priority to have all that. I love Google products and YouTube, but I really didn’t think the switch to YouTube music was going to be so aggravating. It got to the point where I’m looking for alternatives because I have never experienced so much irritation with a music app before. I never ever write reviews, but I want this app to work so well that I am writing this in hopes these adjustments are made.
I’m Becoming a fan
Review guy 467 on 2020-12-04
YouTube music doesn’t just have official music but also music done by other artists. Having music videos to watch is awesome. To me that’s the big Advantage it has over Spotify. Granted the price it has for premium does feel a little outrageous but it feels worth it. Because when I bought a subscription back in July this has truly helped me during work. I work at a grocery store having to deal with people is exhausting but having this has truly helped me stay calm. I am really grateful to have a lot of music on here. My opinion there is a lot more music here than Spotify. Spotify may have podcasts I enjoy using google podcasts more. Cause Spotify doesn’t seem to have many of the podcasts I like. Some that aren’t there I can find on google podcasts. I know I got off track but this was my best attempt at trying to writing a good review. Apple music I tried once but I did learn if you have purchased some songs then purchased a subscription you would have to have your purchase songs download onto your phone. Cause if you don’t it just a mess because you don’t know what songs that you have purchased and which songs you saved due to your subscription. Which is why I think Apple Music isn’t really the best for me. The only thing good Apple Music does have is the radio you can play any radio station you can think of but you have to know the right radio station there is no save feature. Which is why it’s better just to use either a iHeart, tunein, or The only good thing about Spotify is if you’re using free tier you can listen to music while using any other app.YouTube music free tier in order to keep the music playing you do need to keep your phone on that is a major drawback but in my opinion it’s not that big of a deal. If I want to listen to music while using other apps I can just play one of the radio apps that I mentioned. Anyway I hope this Review helps you in someway.
Great App
Nin10dofan_98 on 2020-12-04
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It’s really enjoyable to listen to music that you like on YT appear here for convenient listening. They also fixed the shuffle feature late last year so now your most listened to songs will not always be at the start of the playlist. I like that you can move around the songs and create your own playlist once you select a song or press shuffle. There are still two issues though: 1. Moving around songs can be difficult as the songs often do not want to move around right away. It can be very annoying. 2. The bigger issue is actually one YT should fix for sure, as it is a safety concern. It seems that the music will pause if you do not the touch the screen for 30 minutes. This means that if you have a long drive, you’ll have to touch your phone screen every so often to ensure the music doesn’t pause. The fact that the music pauses is not good as it leads to distracted driving, which could lead to car accidents. Aside from just driving, it’s just annoying to have to remind yourself to do this when you are working on homework or something. It’s very frustrating, but I believe the removal of this is locked behind premium, which it should not be. But aside from these issues, I love the app. It doesn’t have every song you like which is a bummer (specifically if you like music such as VGM I’ve noticed this occur the most with). But I believe the uploader of the video needs to set something when uploading so that is not an issue YT can fix unless they removed that option for uploaders and just put everything that was marked as music in YT music.
I preferred Google Play Music
Cosmiclemurgirl on 2020-12-04
I don’t understand why, if we absolutely had to switch to YouTube music, the developers couldn’t make it run the same way. I liked how that app worked, I was familiar with how that app worked and now I have to use this app which doesn’t work nearly as well. Among many things that I dislike about this stupid app is that it’s very difficult and time consuming to navigate to a specific song you want especially if that song is farther along in the alphabet. With the other music app I could use the letter slide to skip to a certain letter in my song library and then scroll from there to the specific song and that was very convenient. Now with YouTube music I have to scroll all the way to the specific song I want and whenever I get to the bottom of the page it takes forever to load the next songs on the list just so I can scroll past them to the one I want. Honestly I think I’ll cancel my subscription and just go back to storing songs on my phone. At least that app was never difficult to navigate through.
Absolutely NOT for you if you want classical music
Margi311 on 2020-12-04
There’s hundreds of years of classical music to choose from but the idiots at YouTube apparently think that it’s listeners who were forced into this trash app after Google Music quit are only interested in listening to absolute garbage new age classical “lite” Muzak. Please hire some people who actually have a CLUE to curate some real classical music. I want to hear Bach, Beethoven, Mozart ANYTHING. I clicked on a “classical Christmas” station this morning and got a Pentatonix song. OK fine, I can live with that. And then Mariah Carey came on. I mean, am I being punked?? What absolute nonsense. When I listen to their classical solo piano playlist it’s the same 10-15 modern “lite” listening songs. Well I’d like to introduce you to Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Debussy, Mozart. They kinda wrote a lot of piano music - maybe they could be added! It’s so frustrating to have classical music get marginalized over and over. This is a rubbish app.
cjeep98 on 2020-12-04
I feel like my music collection was kidnapped and being held for random and one must pay this randoms monthly otherwise they take your purchased music again. I cannot download my purchased music from google and download it to the app. They want me to stream my purchased music or pay a subscription to play albums I purchased on google!!! I feel like google play owes me all the money I spent on albums the last 10 years!!! If you actually appreciate music and curated a collection through google purchases this app is a nightmare. The app is also unsafe to use in the car. It forces you to dig through menus to access your own paid for music and does not play continuously forcing you to look at the screen. YouTube music is literally a n accident waiting to happen. Whoever’s grand idea it was to hold people’s purchased music hostage there is a special place in hell for you!!
Rickafire on 2020-12-04
I’ve used YouTube music as my primary way to listen to music for ~4 years and it has some major flaws: If you listen to >500 songs the recommended songs will all be songs you already have liked. The ads are about one for every 3 songs you listen not including double ads (back to back) or ads that are 15 seconds-7 minutes long (my longest ever was half an hour) NO SCREEN OFF PLAY (unless you have YouTube music premium which is different from YouTube premium) Yes, YouTube has a much wider selection of songs than Spotify but Spotify has non of the problems listed above. This is not a scam and it works just fine but is only better than it’s main competitor in one regard while being drown out by several positives by Spotify TLDR: Spotify is objectively better, but this is ok.
Worst Music App I ever used
Hanna Puti on 2020-12-04
The app has so many bugs. Can’t believe google doesn’t get the app tested before releases. Most of the bugs are super basic functions. - Some “Downloaded” songs cannot be played - Always show incorrect songs title/cover images - Cannot toggle back to NOT shuffle songs, once you toggle shuffle, you won’t be able to undo it. - When use “Song” mode, still have some talking like “video” version. These are just some examples. I have used this app since Google Play Music is not working for months. Bugs are still not fixed. Very disappointed especially it’s a product from a company like google. The reason I still use this app because I already pay the YouTube premium for no ads which is $16 /month already.
random nickname 57384 on 2020-12-04
Why on earth are you guys neglecting such a basic feature that literally every music player (including GPM that you forced people to switch from) has??? There’s a million different AI customization playlist options but you can’t let people start a queue without a hundred different songs they didn’t ask for?? If I want to listen to a radio I can start it myself from the dot menu, we don’t need YTM to force feed us one every time we want to add ONE song to start a queue. Also, on iPhone, when you hit add to queue on an empty queue, the song doesn’t even show up. It’s baffling that such a brain dead basic feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Imagine ending GPM for this.
Worst UX/UI ever.
jassy_designer on 2020-12-04
This is so poorly designed. It’s confusing to use. Why so many down arrows and back arrows and lists within lists within lists. I get the theme is black and red, but how about a little color to differentiate between an artist page and a playlist? The app is slow to rotate whenever I turn my phone. Sometimes it’s impossible to exit the full screen when holding horizontal...also: why is that even the default? A user should choose to enter full screen. I also noticed the same flaw here as in Google play. I have 200+ songs on a playlist but it only plays the same small group of songs no matter how many thumbs up I give songs or how many times I hit shuffle.

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