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Malteselover60 on 2022-05-19
I have no respect for you. As a company you are cowards and you’re on the wrong side of the road. You are rude to your patrons. For sure you are a part of the ‘woke’ family. No longer American or loyal to your race of people. Things are about to change in our world and it’s not going to be the agenda you are pushing. You cannot fight God Almighty and win. He never loses! If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and savior? then please find Him. He died for you too. He offers you eternal life. I stopped respecting YouTube the minute you started blasting annoying music on top of peoples’ videos to drown out what they are saying. Sensoring anyone who mentions the truth. Is that how your mother raised you? I suspect you’ve been bullied and you’re scared to go against your counterparts. Well I give you 1 star for it only. 3 years ago I’d haven given you 5.
It's the little guy here
KDR-telepathy modulation on 2022-05-19
And thank you for free Youtube. I enjoy it very much ‼️Sometimes I think I've watched everything but then I switch from phone to laptop and Youtube is bigger with more screen to show more choices. The best part of free Youtube⁉️Yes you have adverts, but the the commercial block is so tolerable! I tried Sling Orange free trial for less than 24 hours. Why not enjoy the full 72 hour demo??They carry full 5+ minute commercial blocks with no way to ff through. ACK and Sling is the best for less, but Youtube spoiled me with 2 minute commercial load MAX😎. More Food Network, ID TV & celebrity pathology 🤗 content. Old episodes are just fine. Most sincerely a 70 year old in California 👵🏻
Quit YouTube… if you have principles
Christohansen on 2022-05-19
Regardless of your political viewpoints, YouTube is HEAVILY biased toward one political party. Again, regardless of your political viewpoints, this should alarm you. I quit YouTube and joined other platforms that do not bend to the whims of the party that cries the most. I can’t look up a video about how to fix my brakes, how to make hashbrowns, or how to make a nifty braid for my horse, but I can look up any viewpoint that is not illegal and hear it out for myself without tech overlords deciding how to keep me safe… within the silly limits of their HEAVY political bias. Fk off, YouTube. Ya lost me when you went woke.
So many ads
$Deadly on 2022-05-19
I used to enjoy youtube, and used to not mind the small 5-10 second ad at the begging of some videos. Now basically every video has 2 ads at the beginning and you’re stuck waiting for 15-20 seconds. On top of that a lot of videos also have way too many ads scattered throughout the videos, around the same length as well. There’s nothing to do about it except buy the highly advertised youtube premium. I hope this changes, but there’s no alternatives to youtube so we’ll be stuck like this for a while…
YouTube has become so money hungry
4732991 on 2022-05-19
I have used YouTube for years but now it’s gotten to the point it makes me mad when I use it. There are SO MANY advertisements and as time goes on they keep getting worse. They are now at the point where they are making you watch 30 seconds of ads before your video only to interrupt what you’re watching every 5 minutes with more ads. They are also so desperate for you to get YouTube premium like why should I have to be harassed by ads or pay money for what used to be free.
YouTube premium advertisement method
Naldail9 on 2022-05-19
I don’t want to buy or try for a free subscription of YouTube premium. Please stop making the message pop up every time I close and open the app. It appears when I’m in the middle of watching a video sometimes. Also I know absolutely no one or a low player employee is going to read this, but please also put some better free to watch movies on YouTube movies. This is more of a request than a problem I’m just curious if this will even work
oldie but goodie
Hygghtgtftrgb on 2022-05-19
You’re not going to find the range of releases, official or unofficial, on any media streaming service like youtube. Sure, it might be to the dislike of the artists themselves, but where else will you encounter some of the random uploads you can find here, whereas any music streaming service will only have official releases. Thats why to me, youtube is an entirely relevant format and will stand the test of time.
mj1935 on 2022-05-19
So I love making shorts but it would be even better if there were “filters!” Even though you don’t want to make it exactly like TikTok I feel like filters would make it better but yea that’s all but other than that YouTube shorts are great anyway I hope you can put a bit of filters anyway I love YouTube and i hope it keep improving!!
lobehdhsjsbdbwjd on 2022-05-19
On YouTube you can learn, exercise, be entertained and a lot of other stuff if we didn’t have YouTube my life will just be sad I’m so happy to have this it is so amazing you made this I don’t know what we will do without you guys and YouTube and you guys have created some of people dreams so keep up the good work
Two ads every second
lolo🥵😯😮‍💨😑🤮🤗 on 2022-05-19
YouTube is great and all but every time I get to a good part of a show bam ad 2 15 second ads long and I can’t skip them and then I lay down waiting I get asked to go do something bam miss the best part and I don’t feel like going back I’m so mad so that’s why I don’t like YouTube as much

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