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Too many ads
cdatlas on 2021-03-07
I realize the necessity of ads with free apps but you should really take the time to write algorithms that start ads at a break in videos, not right in the middle of a word. Interestingly, when I watch YouTube in my web browser on my computer I hardly ever have ads in the middle of video playback... I love YouTube, fix the issue with when ads play and it’s a 4* app. Eliminate ads altogether and it’s a 5* app. Sorry but no app with forced ads gets 5* rating. Dropped the rating to 1* as now most ads can’t even be skipped after 5 seconds anymore! UPDATE: Isn’t it awesome when an add starts to load in the middle of a video and it freezes and you can’t skip the froze add and finish the video! Adds are not at all close to relevant to my interests, your add algorithms just blow. Videos are taking way too long to load.
jet-pack on 2021-03-07
I stopped and dropped YouTube because they think they must decide what I watch. Because of their hate for President Trump they remove everything he has on YouTube, while they keep everything against most people’s standards, vile, disgusting garbage. I’m done with sites like this one that thinks it’s ok to tell me what to think. You don’t make me think like you, like you’re controlling my thinking, you force me to go to other sites and so I have. No more YouTube for me, hasn’t been since they decided to think for me.
Greenvette1970 on 2021-03-07
You get stuck watching ads that you wouldn’t have to otherwise if you just used your web browser. Nothing is good here. Once you DO see your video, the suggestions, related videos and all are completely irrelevant and unrelated. It’s confusing as all get out! For such a huge medium as YouTube is, I can’t believe their app is so horrible. When I click on a YouTube video on the web browser on my phone, I EXPLICITLY click to not open up the YouTube app! DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!! You will lose your mind!!
Ray 1553 on 2021-03-07
Un saludo muy especial a todas las personas que Hasen posible que esté medio de comunicación sea tan completo y casi perfecto para toda la población mundial. En lo que es a mi me informa , me entretiene y porque no desirlo me educa también. Por eso les estoy muy agradecido ; que Dios les bendiga y les permita seguir trabajando muy bien como lo an echo hasta hoy. Sus amigo Ray. No puedo vivir sin mi YouTube .
Love You Tube but
Showthyme on 2021-03-07
I love Google’s You Tube - but (behold the underlying truth) I’m not inclined to PAY for it for a couple of reasons: they’re collecting, nurturing, farming and capitalizing my data on everything I watch - to sell my data, customizing/curating what I see, and that’s significantly profitable to them via what they choose to promote, and #2 they could easily and profitably offer a lower cost subscriber plan because they do that. That is all.
The Misuse of Advertisement
Caffeineglobin on 2021-03-07
Short and simple, if I need to buy a subscription package due to the frequency of (double, unskippable) Ads being so high (arbitrarily, let’s say in a 3 hour video, as I watch podcasts and lectures, that there will be a set of Ads every 2-2 1/2 minutes), then the service has gotten to a point where it is nearly out of hand. The service is one step away from its own, self imposed, death. At least in the medium we see it today.
Is there such a thing as to many ads? Yes, yes there is
DMGaniel on 2021-03-07
An ad is fine. Seems fair for the amount of content we get for free. But then you put in the second ad right after the first ad. Which was okay I guess. But then you put in the ad at the end of the video that you have to watch before you can refresh the video you just watched. And don’t even get me started on the hour long ads. And all of this for what? Just so Logan Paul can buy another Tesla.... Tragic, just tragic.
Fact Check This
58footer on 2021-03-07
I've been trying to persuade every channel that I follow, to drop YouTube and move to another platform. Your a cancel culture is getting you cancelled. And by only allowing one side of a view to be considered and/or discussed, your becoming something that has no place in these United States. The November 3, 2020 election was rot with voter fraud and you your fact checkers saying it's not is not convincing anyone.
Hey bestie please add the community tab to ipads its been years
Thatpisces on 2021-03-07
Umm so Hiiii. I have had youtube for like 5 years, and for the last couple I have been wondering, when will youtube on ipads get the community tab? I love the feature, but on ipad all it says is that their “on the way”, but it doesnt seem like thats the case. This would make youtube even more enjoyable for those who cant use computers or phones and would still like to use youtube! Thanks bestie <3
You tube delights me.
HapKlein on 2021-03-07
I am delighted that I can explore my many interests in History and occasionally Literature through following the subjects in documentaries, commentaries and often animation. I have great pleasure in this format that permits me to realize that if a selection does not fit my search i can just drop it and move along.

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