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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



It’s time to rescue your beloved citizens from invaders ! Will you be up for the challenges ? Jump at the back of your helicopter, get rid of all the enemies along the way and save as many citizens as you can! But you won’t be able to save everyone so you might use your environment to help you.. Are you prepared for that ? There is only one way to find out! Here is a list the features of your new free casual game: -Beautiful 3D graphics -The most important number of invaders displayed on a smartphone -100% free game -Fun and addictive gameplay -Easy controls -For kids and adults -Many worlds to be discovered Best of luck in this life changing free adventure game! And remember, everyone counts on you so do not disappoint. Many lives are in your hands now…

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You need to get this game
didjdjdiskxdislz,dk on 2021-04-12
This game is really fun better than it looked in the ads I found it on the tho I do kinda have some problems so ima list them # 1, the adds. There are ads that are 1 # for old people or 2 # for pretty young people and I don’t like it also when you complete a level it will say x3 coins with a ad but when I say no which I do sometimes it still plays a ad but does not give me X3 money I would like you to not add ads on like every level 2 #, broken weapons. I play on mobile and for some reason while I am playing. Sometimes my gun starts forcing me to point the gun somewhere else! I really don’t likes this cuz I cant save the blue People after that happens cuz then the red people infect them. Also the red people when a red dude infects a blue dude you plz make them green plz okey back to the broken things also I think that guns should have different auras or fire rate or even damage wait never mind don’t add health to the zombies that just makes it harder whatever but when I mean by auras I mean like I have a gold lazer minigun when you shoot it at the red dudes I want them to like either turn into gold cuz I have gold skin or evaporate cuz it’s a lazer minigun so plz add that 3 # finally more guns and other ideas! I have some ideas that I told on the problems but I still have more! Like if you watch like more adds I think the guns should change like watch 5 more ads to get silver and 10 more ads to get diamond another idea is more guns like a ray gun or rocket launcher which has a aura that explodes red dudes! Or a flamethrower that has a ability to burn red dues that are around the burning red dude and the rocket launcher could also have a ability to do splash damage on red dudes which means do damage on emenys around the area you shoot something whatever also I think you should add more traps like a smasher or a burning room also add giant red dudes and blue dudes who help fight back with pistols. And more red dude types like a faster red dude or a giant red dude which I already told you about or even a flying red dude that can go on ground to get the blue dudes. And those are my ideas problems and stuff I love this game others should get it and this game is helping me survive 7 days without roblox cuz I got banned. Bye and may god be with you.
Totally free
Hikermrsblood on 2021-04-12
This game is amazing the only in app purchase is to remove which I don’t know the price but it’s amazing how much work was put into this game. I thought it was just another mobile game but no it is great the ads really grabbed me but not my wallet and well the ads aren’t fake like most mobile games and it’s so easy and fun my only problem is that after awhile it gets kinda repetitive but maybe you yes you PROgrammer could make procedurally generated levels ya know like Minecraft EDIT:as shown above I like this game but what does the top upgrade do? I know the other one gives you more people but does it make you shoot faster or make zombies slower or your people faster oh and ehh the adds are kinda how do I put this....violent not this game violent (which should be rated 9+) the adds are like ww1 irl violent so if you could talk to the people who advertise please tell them to stop making thing violent thanks. And I wish you a great day bye
Sound, Levels, and Recommendations
S4nt0rs on 2021-04-12
The game overall has a good concept, but needs a little work executing it. I’ve noticed during my gameplay the levels, which are very repetitive, can get very frustrating because it’s not new content to enjoy since it’s all the same. While the levels are repetitive, there is no sound when playing the game. It would be nice if you could enjoy the game with some sound whether that be shooting your gun, exploding a barrel, or watching the enemy break open the doors. I also recommend to the developers to add different guns with statistics to give the player a goal for playing these repetitive levels without sound. The gun skins are unique, but they should be in their own category and add a gun category like SMGs, LMGs, and sniper rifles.
Fun But Lacking
Kondeki on 2021-04-12
It’s a pretty fun game, but it’s disappointing that gun skins are nothing more than that. If the skins modified the fire rate and or damage or effects then it would be way more interesting. Also, you are fighting the camera a lot the as you get towards the end of a level. Makes it interesting in certain situations, but it’s absolutely awful when it zooms in to the same level as the dudes running on the ground. Not that I dislike the idea, but your gun remains point in the same direction that it was on the screen. Which causes a problem when the camera zooms in like that. Too many times I wasn’t fast enough to prevent the gun from triggering an explosive or trap too early, absolutely killing me at the end of a level.
Good time waster
55676443457894345899 on 2021-04-12
When I am bored I can just turn of internet and play this (turn of internet there should be no ads) so ya basically good time waster I will say there are much better than games but this is simple, fun and addicting I am not a bot this is fun as long as you turn of internet to ensure there are no ads. Oh but PLEASE add sound the game really needs it. And for those people saying “it shoves ads In your face” just turn of internet it is not that hard, think before you write.
I love it
Eevee person on 2021-04-12
Alright, I thought this game was gonna be another “ok i’ll download it for about a month, then delete it while clearing up space,” but no. This game is actually really fun and really addicting. There are enough things to keep you hooked. I’ve been playing for a long while now, and the only thing i’m disappointed by is the number of ads, but it’s worth it. If you need a fun game, then you should download this.
Really addictive but I have some ideas
Xman_0613 on 2021-04-12
I’m honestly more addicted to this game then I thought I was going to be, it’s just really fun. However I have some ideas on how to make the game better. I feel like I’m always using the traps and hitting my own people with them, causing them to be killed by the zombies. If I could see the range of effect that the traps have that would be nice, perhaps as an expensive upgrade you could buy in the shop?
Nurgle 22 on 2021-04-12
Add more dedication to it by people skins,weapons do different things, more levels identifying people you lose and 7 star game also add something where people take time to be infected and get pounced every time instead of the last guy when they die and you lose so it looks better I always love that in a zombie game or movie where they get feasted upon and pounced
M0stPeople on 2021-04-12
The levels all repeat, maybe like 10-15 of the same run and most of the environmental traps are poorly placed. The guns are all basically the same, if i work to get a “legendary” gun I expect it to be better than the starting gun not just a cheap re-skin. This game is a cheep cash grab with potential but it has a long way to go...
Very buggy
ur number1guy on 2021-04-12
I feel like this game could have been some fun but i could not even get past the second level becuase the zombies were glitching all over the place so i could not shoot them but they could easily kill my survivors and i was sitting here for 30 minutes trying to figure out a strategy to kill them but it is impossible to shoot them.

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