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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Latest trends in clothing for women, men & kids at ZARA online. Find new arrivals, fashion catalogs, collections & lookbooks every week. For any possible query please visit our CONTACT section at

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Terrible App Deaign
eleanor2345 on 2022-07-02
I have had a horrible experience using the Zara website- it so difficult to navigate! I downloaded the app thinking “surely the app will have better usability!” I was wrong. Somehow Zara managed to create the most frustrating, inaccessible, unpleasant app. It’s almost as though Zara wants to make your online shopping experience impossible and frustrating. Hot Tip: hire new designers and focus on usability over aesthetics. The font and button sizes are too small, navigation and sliding from one item to another is so confusing and frustrating. Your designers need to TEST the app for usability before releasing. Your digital products might look cool but I can guarantee you lose customers because of the horrible user experience. You are a fast fashion company not an exclusive high end designer. You don’t need to have your products emulate the exclusive and brutalist style high end brands use. Also I never write app reviews but for this app I needed to because it is laughable how terrible the app is.
Love Zara clothing— the app is TOO COMPLICATED AND IT KEEPS CRASHING
Keenakyra on 2022-07-02
First, layout. It’s not user friendly. The weird scrolling and model layout just makes it so complicated. Two, why aren’t the model sizing in there? Also, I may get flack for this… why can’t the models just pose normally? One frontal, back, side- DONE! Third, the app keeps crashing. Whenever i try to use the scanner or click into the item i get the notification “Looks like something went wrong. Please try again later.” Please fix this bug!!!! Lastly, some of my faves or in shopping cart disappears after 24 hours. Having it sold out is one thing, but it’s frustrating when it isn’t and I have to look it up ALL OVER AGAIN, only for the app to not let me click on the item bc “something went wrong.” Please stop making the app itself “eccentric” or “aesthetic.” Leave that to the stores or zara magazine or editorial. Keep the online store simple and easy to use. Pls allow for reviews too so we get an idea on quality and sizing from others! THANK YOU.
Other gift cards
MAJOR USELESS on 2022-07-02
Love buying items using app bec there’s always a very long line in the store here in SD. Not enough dressing rooms and not enough staff ask for help. BUT RETURNS via mail is not FREE , is a hassle to go to the store , ALWAYS. Zara app DOES NOT ALLOW to use other gift cards for purchase on line and combine payment for the difference. And calling in the order to the telephone representative DOES NOT HELP EITHER bec they say , THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED to help customers place order on their behalf if NOT USING ZARA GIFTCARDS. Which is disappointing and frustrating. WHY NOT , IT IS STILL A PURCHASE . Sometimes, I just don’t want to use my personal $ specially if I have this gift card to use . Please CHANGE YOUR CURRENT ACCESS and NOT JUST ALLOW ZARA’s gift card ONLY . And you DON’T have point system FOR PURCHASES or promo’s for birthdays too . thank you .
Customer Service Is lacking
HarlemMami42Long on 2022-07-02
From the stores to online. Associates are rude and unhelpful. Many have an entitled attitude as if they are doing shoppers a favor when we are spending OUR HARD EARNED MONEY that PROVIDES JOBS. Shopping should be free for orders over $50 regardless of sale items or regular merchandise. Also store delivery should be option in all merchandise. Trying to pick and choose and profit from shipping is just greedy. When large corporations can partner with several shippers for lower shipping rates based on the items instead of letting customers incurred the cost. Do better.
App crashes every three seconds, very frustrating.
EvPaTo on 2022-07-02
The app is horrible, it crashes every other minute. Very annoying. Tried to browse online and it would take me directly to app which doesn’t work. Keeps showing “looks like something went wrong. Try again later”. Well, you lost me as a customer. If I ever walk by a store I might browse in it if there isn’t a long line, but never again I will waste my time trying to use the app and/or the website. App is so complex! Come on! It is Zara Inditex, high-street fast fashion not Ateliers Haute Couture de Paris.
Valor Envío
GLORIAMIA5050 on 2022-07-02
Amo esta marca pero me parece muy injusto q cobren el envío aún cuando se compra un buen valor o monto en $ … no debería importar después de un valor determinado si es o no una prenda en sale o en promoción … deberían incluir el envío en compras mayores a determinados valores sin importar q sean piezas en descuento o no porque De todas maneras se está Pagando con dinero real y dinero q se ha trabajado …. Ojalá lo arreglen y lo hagan como antes
♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️Five Diamond Zara Review!
jdhafer on 2022-07-02
Five Diamond Review! Zara quality is the epitome of excellence plus the price point is spot on. Clothing lovers love the trend factor along with classic styles but adoring fabrics that last. Thank you Zara for creating clothing for all spectrums of ages along with flawless creations that are for momentous occasions or just a day in the office.
jpag57 on 2022-07-02
I like Zara’s selection and shopping via the app - except for a couple of things… * The shoe sizes give no indication of whether they’re EU or USA or… and there were no half size options. * The billing/mailing address section wouldn’t allow me to enter my actual home address - so there’s no way for me to place an order.
MissLaLaLie on 2022-07-02
Crappy app and website which crashes very often, search function always not working, especially on the app. The app is not working so I switched to the website, and it automatically direct me back to that not working app. No way I can browse smoothly, not to mention shopping with it, so I eventually decided to delete it.
Zara sale is a shame to your company!
Mm lepotica on 2022-07-02
Your app is useless, I had 11 items selected, than came online at exactly 22:00 when sale started, and then only 5 were left. I don’t know what happened to your app but I finally made purchase, 3 hours after being constantly rejected, and it were only 3 items in the bag. Your app is miserable and shame on you!

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