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Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to bring you a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family. Money moves quickly - directly from bank account to bank account. If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you already have it in your mobile banking app or online banking – if they don’t, the Zelle app will make it easy for you to send money to enrolled Zelle users that already have access through their financial institution. Zelle. This is how money moves®. Using just your recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number, you can settle up simply and safely with almost anyone you know and trust. Even better, Zelle does not charge any fees to use the service. (Mobile carrier or bank fees may apply). GET STARTED: 1. Download the Zelle app. 2. Enroll using a Visa® or Mastercard® debit card linked to a U.S. checking account; or 3. Enroll your U.S. checking account by using your online banking username and password, if your bank supports this feature*. 4. Choose a person to pay, or request money from, by entering their U.S. mobile number or email address. 5. Confirm the amount and hit send. If they’re already enrolled with Zelle, they’ll typically get the money in minutes. If they aren’t, they will be notified and can follow a few simple steps to complete the payment. *Some banks allow customers to enroll in the Zelle app using their online or mobile banking username and password. Zelle and the Zelle related marks and logos are property of Early Warning Services, LLC You must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.

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My Mom’s account was restricted!
LauraLalo on 2022-07-03
Be careful! Zelle will zap you!!! My mother is 83 years old. She set up so we could send her $ occasionally. Her 17 year old dog passed away & she needed funds to have her cremated. When she tried to log into the app, she received a message that her account was restricted. We call customer service. And the extremely unhelpful CSR and her equally unhelpful supervisor confirmed that her account was restricted and SHE CAN NEVER USE ZELLE AGAIN. Neither of these CSRs could tell us what she did to cause this to happen. They did advise us that we would find the reason(s) in the user agreement parts 3 and/or 21. Part 3 states Zelle is for personal use only. It also has a list of scenarios that the funds you receive cannot be used for like Pharmaceuticals and other controlled substances; Illegal drugs; Drug paraphernalia; Firearms, ammunition or other weapons; Sexually oriented activities or materials; Pornography; Obscene or offensive activities or materials; Materials or activities that promote intolerance, violence or hate; Ponzi or pyramid schemes; Illegal gambling, gaming, lotteries or sweepstakes; Court-ordered alimony or child support payments; Traveler’s checks, money orders, equities, annuities, or currencies, including digital currencies, such as bitcoins; Counterfeit materials; Infringement on the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of zelle®, a Network Financial Institution, another User or any other third party; Terrorist funding; Fraud; Scams; Money laundering; or Any other illegal activity or unlawful purpose. ——or—— Zelle can restrict your account just because! See #21 of the user service agreement: Subject to applicable law, zelle® may terminate or suspend this Service Agreement and your use of the zelle®mobile app and Service, in whole or in part, at any time for any reason without cause and without prior notice. I can only conclude that my mother is involved in some nefarious transactions or Zelle has so much business that they can randomly restrict accounts. Thanks Zelle!!
Bank change
no geaux on 2022-07-03
My bank was bought over by a bank with a different name. This is common as my bank has changed names at least 4 times in the 40+ years I have had my account there. I tried to use my Zelle account after that and it wouldn’t go through. I called Zelle and after an, at least, 30min phone call, she told me I would have to go to my bank. I spent another inordinate amount of time there with no luck. They informed me I would have to call Zelle. I called Zelle again and the guy was really helpful and said he had taken care of it, nope, still didn’t work. When I try to send money I get the message, “token has already been used.” I have no idea what a token is, I thought it was for games at the arcade. So, I’m still not able to use Zelle. I really loved the app before this happened.
T-becca on 2022-07-03
This app is totally worthless. Tried for the first time for a transaction. My bank doesn’t support. It’s stated that they would work with any bank even one that didn’t make their list. Tried to receive funding from another person, first didn’t come through so sender sent another transaction and it’s all in holding. They told me that I would need to reimburse via another app and to send them a snap photo for proof. Did that. Then they stated that I would need to send funds to another person with another photo as proof. All of other persons’ names given were scammers! So I am out my funds. Not sure if other person is out theirs but they do have what I sent via this other app! I have tried logging back in but I keep getting an “error” message.
Total Scam!
Alidin on 2022-07-03
Someone I wanted to sell something to online insisting on using this app for payment. He only owed me $150, but Zelle would not let the transaction go through until he sent me $500 and I sent it back to him. They literally held his money in limbo even after I emailed twice requesting that they cancel the transaction. I was told the transaction couldn’t be canceled. I didn’t want to be responsible for $650, when all I wanted was $150. What if he didn’t have the extra $500 to make it possible for the $150 to go through? I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. A a Leo, I’m sure they make money for each transaction. I’ve since deleted my account and this app. The whole experience was time consuming & extremely frustrating to put it nicely.
Lost a Customer
K_Jettagirl on 2022-07-03
Unfortunately, I forgot my password & the only way to verify my identity was via my debit card. Well, that # had also changed due to previous card loss & I never updated the info in the app since I barely use it. Flash forward to being unable to scan my card (level 2 support told me it was a phone issue despite me being able to scan & upload my card just moments before into my Apple Wallet). Multiple people told me to verify my bank (which I also did). All they could tell me is they can’t identify what the problem is - only that there is a problem verifying my identity with the bank, but that I should go update my info with the bank. Deleted the app & won’t be using it again since their customer service can only say they can’t help me.
Don’t use if you’re not in the network
Rocky3659532 on 2022-07-03
My bank does not integrate with Zelle but they said I am still able to use the app by connecting my debit card (like every other payment app out there). If only this app actually worked. First, you *have* to integrate your contacts even though they say you don’t. Then, be prepared for error after error when sending money. I was on hold trying to fix the issue for a while, got disconnected, and never received a callback. Reinstalling does not work. You’re better off using Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo, etc. Also, the UI needs improvement. I don’t like how the menus are set up. The homepage tries to be simplified but ends up making everything else feel clunky. And the “switch accounts but lose all your transactions” thing is weird.
Do not use
genericrobit on 2022-07-03
Worst money transfer app ever. I sold something for 200 dollars and said that was too large for a personal account, so I needed to request another 400. The person sends me 400 but I need to send them back 400 dollars I don’t have in order to unlock the Zelle account which has the 400. Basically you have to have a ready deposit of upwards of 500 dollars in order to use this service practically. Not only that but when I used this service THROUGH CHASE it locked me out of my CHASE ACCOUNT. I don’t know how one app could possibly be so convoluted but it is not worth the time spent trying to sort it out. Horrible app and horrible customer service. Wouldn’t wish this app on my worst enemy
Dumbest money transfer site
Brosyphious on 2022-07-03
My fiancé and I sold a loft bed in a local buy sell and trade website and the woman kindly asked if we accepted Zelle. I said sure unknowingly that Zelle was ridiculous. She sent the $150 we asked for and Zelle emailed me that she had to send $200 more. Then it told me to refund her the $200 and I would receive a payment of $350 in my account ($150 from the buyer and $200 where I refunded her). After that they wanted me to refund her $300 and I would get a payment of $650 and they without acknowledging her took an additional $300 from her account. Now I am just waiting for the $650 to be put into my account over a $150 sale. I will never use Zelle again after this.
MMontw on 2022-07-03
It will work ok with you always use the app at the same location, but if you use it at your house (one network) and your job (another network) it will block you. You will have to call zelle and they will say it is not a problem on their end and you have to call your bank. You will do it and they will say the same thing, so you will call Zelle again and they will keep you on hold for 30 min, then will ask all security questions, then will unblock you! After 1:30 hrs you will be able to use your app for 1 week because everything is going to happen next week! After 3 months, still facing the same situation.
liztaylor7653268 on 2022-07-03
I decided to get Zelle awhile ago and when first singing up I wasn’t able to find the bank that I was and currently still using so i settled on Venmo (which I prefer using). Now in 2022 I decided to give Zelle another chance and see if maybe they’ve updated their programming and there were more banks but when trying to sign up again it says my account has been permanently locked. I don’t understand how my account can be permanently locked when I haven’t even used it. The only way for me to use Zelle is through my own mobile banking app and even then I still find it a little sketch.

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