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Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to bring you a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family. Money moves quickly - directly from bank account to bank account. If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you already have it in your mobile banking app or online banking – if they don’t, the Zelle app will make it easy for you to send money to enrolled Zelle users that already have access through their financial institution. Zelle. This is how money moves®. Using just your recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number, you can settle up simply and safely with almost anyone you know and trust. Even better, Zelle does not charge any fees to use the service. (Mobile carrier or bank fees may apply). GET STARTED: 1. Download the Zelle app. 2. Enroll using a Visa® or Mastercard® debit card linked to a U.S. checking account; or 3. Enroll your U.S. checking account by using your online banking username and password, if your bank supports this feature*. 4. Choose a person to pay, or request money from, by entering their U.S. mobile number or email address. 5. Confirm the amount and hit send. If they’re already enrolled with Zelle, they’ll typically get the money in minutes. If they aren’t, they will be notified and can follow a few simple steps to complete the payment. *Some banks allow customers to enroll in the Zelle app using their online or mobile banking username and password. Zelle and the Zelle related marks and logos are property of Early Warning Services, LLC You must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.

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hutchpatel85 on 2023-04-02
I have received money several times through Zelle but recently I had to delete my profile and re-enroll all because the password reset did NOT work. I clicked the “forgot password?” link multiple times but NEVER received any kind of security code or email. Instead it took me straight to a new password page then gave an error message after I tried to enter a new password. It locked me out of my account so I had to re-enroll. Then when I was re-enrolling, it gives the option of scanning your debit card, and while the scanned picture had the correct numbers superimposed on the image, it failed to actually populate the fields. Why have the option to scan a card if it doesn’t work?
23;$6(( on 2023-04-02
The worst app I have ever used. I could barely even click the buttons to setup my account because the way the app is designed for my iPhone. Zelle doesn’t support my bank and failed the mention that during setup. Each time it rejects my card it logs me out and makes me try to setup my account again. I tried another card and now it logged me out again and said my account is permanently locked. I have money waiting in there and now I’m locked out and have to contact support. This is ridiculous I’d give them app -50 stars if possible. Be careful of being paid through this app you might not receive your money. Go elsewhere.
robinsag on 2023-04-02
I can’t use it because there’s a bug where there’s no “continue” button after I enter my cc info. The bug has existed for months. I contacted customer service and they said it was a known problem and they were working to fix it but apparently not hard enough. Don’t understand why such a simple problem hasn’t bee fixed after so much time. They are loosing customers because of it so you’d think they’d be more motivated to address it. My ios is up to date and so is the Zelle app so those things aren’t part of the problem. Very annoying.
Can’t press continue after typing in debit card info!
39EAE33 on 2023-04-02
I don’t recommend Zelle, getting started is impossible. First, I attempted to link my bank with Zelle, but it simply says “your bank already has Zelle built into the app”, which is absolutely false. If you select ‘Don’t See Your Bank?’ it will prompt you to type in your card info, but whenever your done putting in card info, you can’t press continue and all of the info gets wiped out over and over again. This is worse than getting kicked out of a bar over and over again, but you to re-enter through the back side.
Holds $ hostage
Just a hard worker on 2023-04-02
Why is there no options for people that don’t have a qualifying bank? I was using Zelle before but then decided to drop Wells Fargo. I use other business debit cards (Mastercard/ visa) and was paid by a client using Zelle. I have been unable to collect my payment and zelle wants me to either wait 14 days or hassle my client by asking them to reach out to there bank and cancel the payment. I now have to reach out to all my clients and warn them about Zelle. Wish there was another way.
App doesn’t work whatsoever now
SaintGuinefort on 2023-04-02
Zelle has been an issue for me from the beginning, as my bank doesn’t connect to it. All of my attempts to use the platform have failed for one picky, arbitrary reason (by Zelle) after another. I only try to use it now because one client insists on using it. Well, they’re going to have to pay via check from now on, if they can’t join the 21st century, and use Venmo or Cash App, or even clunky PayPal, like everybody else. Now, the app won’t even open. Delete Delete Delete.
The app itself is pretty useless
redk0i on 2023-04-02
As soon as you get in the app it will ask you what bank you have. Most of the time your bank will have its own Zelle in their own app, making this app simply tell you “your other bank app has Zelle. Go use that and basically never open this app again. Might as well delete this app cause it’s just taking up storage.” And that’s it. You can’t do anything further at all as it won’t let you. Simply gives a message to use your other banking app and to close this one.
Signing in is horrible
FlickFanatic26 on 2023-04-02
This app is horrible, I wish they would fix it. I have very high speed internet and even if I’m sitting right next to the router, the app just spins and spins and spins every time I try to login and send money. Sometimes for 20-30 minutes, not even joking. I leave my phone and go do other things. I’ve tried logging out completely and logging back in. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it. It never fails, every time I try to login, it takes forever!
maggie1415 on 2023-04-02
I was scammed on here and tried to make a report but asked for a 12 digit id number from the bank transaction but was way longer than 12 digits and I couldn't send it to them ! Deleted the program and bank won’t do anything either … lol of scammers use this and have the money sent to someone else other than them think it’s a professional ring and seems no one wants to help stop it when they have the information to whom it was sent to ! Should be a way
Stick with cash app/Venmo
FaeRunic on 2023-04-02
Seriously. This app is such a headache. Money transferring is the only thing this app can do, and even that’s horrible. Customer service also isn’t very helpful. Why bother making a money transfer app if I have to jump through every hoop on the planet to get it? Why would I want to wait 3-5 days to get money I could have had in seconds anywhere else? If you need your money now and not 3 days from now, literally choose any other app.

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