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Search 100+ job boards at once to find your next job fast. It's that easy. ZipRecruiter Job Search is the only app of its kind you will ever need, and it is 100% FREE. 1. Install the free ZipRecruiter job app. 2. Tell it about the jobs you're looking for: location + keywords, or job titles 3. Find jobs you like! 4. Apply to jobs with just one tap! 5. Tell us when you find something, we love hearing from you :) Features: • Instantly search hundreds of job boards at once • Get the best matched jobs sent to your inbox daily • Apply in seconds from your phone • Save jobs or searches and come back to them later • Review your applied jobs list • Get notified when your resume has been viewed Your privacy is our priority. Learn more: Your Privacy Choices: California Privacy Notice: Questions, comments, feedback? We'd love to hear from you about how to make our app better! Joey, Trevor, and Nash [email protected]

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Easy to navigate
Caribplum on 2023-03-26
Easy to navigate and user friendly however, for some reason continuously recommends jobs that has nothing to do with your choice or preferences you entered. For example: You enter that you’re interested in a job in healthcare but instead it notifies you that there’s a position as a CDL Driver ? Which has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. The other issue I am having is location, you enter your location preference for a job yet they send you a position all the way in Arizona. I keep getting frustrated with this app and have deleted it a few times but upload it again because of how easy it is to navigate and I love the quick apply for the position but I am not happy that it is really matching my choices for the jobs I am interested in.
Terrible! Worse than zero stars
Annoyed by auto-refreshing on 2023-03-26
I’ve had this app for at least six months and 95% of the job descriptions that are sent to me could not be further from my area of specialty or even anywhere within the broad sense of being in IT. Most of their emails claim that “this is a job that lines up with my resume”, “you’re a perfect fit”, or some other ridiculous claim. This is, by far, the worst app that has ever been made. On a scale of 1-5 they do not even register at one star. HORRIBLE search parameters and I’ve never found a job that’s even similar to one that I’d consider applying for.
Predatory service
beoblob on 2023-03-26
This is a predatory job posting and search engine DO NOT USE THEM. Signed up for free trial a while ago. Paid no attention to it as it barely got my job posting any followups. I never even used the app. 1 month later I look at my bank account, $700 charge for $24/day posting of a job that literally only had 31 applicants. I want my money back. What a scam. I would understand if they charged the $24/day each day. But to slap a HUGE bill like that onto a small Buisness is predatory. Definitely deserves a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT .
Wack Job Recommendations
That one alaskan on 2023-03-26
I’m not sure if it’s user error or what, but I have heard multiple friends having the same issue- We clearly put our job preferences/pay (for example- entry level analyst) and the jobs we get on our feed are like ICU nurse, Associate Attorney, Executive Director, like what is going ON. It should be able to use our preferences and key words from our resumes and suggest ACTUAL entry level jobs. I loooove the quick apply, everything else is great, but the results are bad.
Zip recruiter is a joke
mp21rg on 2023-03-26
Probably the worst app for finding employment. I have two degrees and plenty of work history and I am getting notifications for door dash and bank tellers. I set my minimum pay in the app but all it recommended was just that are paying less than $20 an hour. Do not use this app.
Horrible User Experience
TBH_IMO on 2023-03-26
They scan your resume and put everything on your profile whether you want it there or not, instead of just letting us submit a resume to the employer. You cannot edit screening questions if you made a mistake. Poorly designed UI overall that forces you into specific flows.
Happy customer/ great customer service
Thurman38 on 2023-03-26
So far this site has been nothing but amazing for my use, I honestly had no idea on where to start on how to locate a specific location to find employment. ZipRecruiter makes everything so clear and easy to process so I’m happy and satisfied with the services!
Actually Helpful
Chase A.F. on 2023-03-26
This app and it’s AI Phil have been incredibly helpful in my search for a job. They make the process easy to navigate for new or experienced users and there is very little wait on responses. All around amazing app!
No description?
Carmen Guerriero on 2023-03-26
Why is there no description when scrolling through potential jobs. Only revealed once clicked upon , which wastes times and just seems redundant.
Can’t even type in the app
mleigh21 on 2023-03-26
I’m looking for a new job and while signing up was easy, the app won’t pull up the keyboard on my phone! I’m on an iPhone 14 Pro Max :(

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