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Search 100+ job boards at once to find your next job fast. It's that easy. ZipRecruiter Job Search is the only app of its kind you will ever need, and it is 100% FREE. 1. Install the free ZipRecruiter job app. 2. Tell it about the jobs you're looking for: location + keywords, or job titles 3. Find jobs you like! 4. Apply to jobs with just one tap! 5. Tell us when you find something, we love hearing from you :) Features: • Instantly search hundreds of job boards at once • Get the best matched jobs sent to your inbox daily • Apply in seconds from your phone • Save jobs or searches and come back to them later • Review your applied jobs list • Get notified when your resume has been viewed Your privacy is our priority. Learn more: Do Not Sell My Personal Information [] | California Privacy Notice [] Questions, comments, feedback? We'd love to hear from you about how to make our app better! John and Joey [email protected]

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Very easy to use... too many scams
ZachCrunch on 2020-10-31
I started using this app while applying for jobs during the pandemic. I am trying to pick up the pieces from my career after feeling the effects of the economic shutdowns. While the app itself is very easy to use, I love that I can set up my profile and apply to jobs with a one tap process, I find that they do not screen the job offers very well. On my first day of using the app, I was offered two sales job interviews that were actually work from home positions which I was very happy about. Being the rather experienced professional that I am, I took my time to research the companies that were reaching out to me. Turns out that both of them were companies that are involved in pyramid schemes and dozens of lawsuits. I looked to see if there were other job offers on the app with the same companies and there were quite a few more jobs posted by these pyramid scheme companies. Overall I say it’s a great design and platform, but they should take more time to screen the job postings to avoid scams especially during these difficult economic times.
I can’t login
Fududbb on 2020-10-31
I can’t login. The email never gets sent to me. Same on the website too. Messaged support and never got a response. Just just an email survey request about how my support went. Um. Awful considering I DIDNT GET ANY Edit: and THEN YOU RESPONDED TO THIS REVIEW WITH CONTACT SUPPORT. DID YOU EVEN READ THE REVIEW???? I’M. NOT. GETTING. YOUR. EMAILS. ugh
Not Worth the Time
KJRaps! on 2020-10-31
In my few months of using ZipRecruiter, I’ve been given job recommendations that are way out of my specified experience levels and areas of expertise, and few jobs that have responded back to me were all quite suspicious once ZipRecruiter was out of the picture. I’d recommend finding jobs the old-fashioned way, or using another site.
Not for IT jobs
emby user on 2020-10-31
Searching for "cyber security analyst" results include it technican, business analyst, and pickers at Amazon. generic "I need a job now" jobs are all this app could be good for from a seekers perspective. If you have any specialized skills you won't find the job here.
Amazing job opportunities!!
Anitra Lewis on 2020-10-31
Great, Great job board!! Great job opportunities!! I’ve been using ZipRecruiter for awhile now and the match you with jobs that are perfect for you in your chosen field. There are so many work from home jobs, which is what I’m looking for, and the options are ENDLESS!!
Please fix!
Jhosh240 on 2020-10-31
When ever a banner pops up with a suggested job and you tap on it, it doesn’t take you to that suggested job to look at and potentially apply to. It makes it very frustrating to have to search for that suggested job. iPhone 6splus
I can’t login
Fududbb on 2020-10-31
I can’t login. The email never gets sent to me. Same on the website too. Messaged support and never got a response. Just just an email survey request about how my support went. Um. Awful considering I DIDNT GET ANY
Good ideas but Bad execution.
ishii106 on 2020-10-31
Great app. But features for search are very disappointing. Search can't do Remote jobs, or search regions should be added with working remotely has become the norm in certain job fields.
6 star app
Wdog278421 on 2020-10-31
I’ve used Snagajob and Glassdoor and they’re both god awful apps no calls back for a whole month. I use this one for a day and I’m getting offers for interviews left and right.
Peter06 on 2020-10-31
Beware!!!! They sale all your information to third parties and then all you will get are scam calls and scam emails!!!!

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