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Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication experience on mobile. It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones. VIDEO MEETINGS FROM ANYWHERE -Best video meeting quality -Easily join a meeting or start an instant meeting with phone, email, or company contacts -Virtual backgrounds on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models COLLABORATE ON THE GO -Best iPhone and iPad content and mobile screen sharing quality -Co-annotate over shared content -Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad UNLIMITED MESSAGING (WITH PHOTOS, FILES, AND MORE) -Reach people instantly with messages, files, images, links, and gifs -Quickly respond or react to threaded conversations with emojis -Create or join public and private chat channels MAKE, RECEIVE, AND MANAGE PHONE CALLS -Effortlessly make or receive calls with your business number -Get voicemail and call recording with transcripts -Use call delegation to make/receive calls on behalf of others -Set up auto-receptionists to autonomously answer and route calls AND MORE…. -Safe driving mode while on the road and works with Apple Carplay -Siri Shortcuts to customize your own voice commands to start, join, and listen to a list of upcoming meetings -Use your iOS app to start your meeting or for direct share in Zoom Rooms -Join Zoom Webinars as a view-only participant or panelist -Attend OnZoom events (US Beta only) -Works over wifi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks ZOOM LICENSE INFORMATION: -Any free or paid license can be used with the app -Zoom Phone is an add-on to paid Zoom licenses -A paid Zoom subscription is required for certain product features Follow us on social @zoom! Have a question? Contact us at

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Zoom those are zeros not oh’s!
Kq777 on 2021-08-05
Zoom does not work outside fo the US with any stability. I am in China for the next months on business and cannot sign in to my account. Message says “free Zoom not allowed in your region” understandable and i was willing to pay as i had extremely important meetings set up on zoom. But no option to pay was offered? Just rejected…. Thanks Zoom…i used old school skype worked fine. Did next one on meets also worked fine…does great fire wall really only block Zoom? Nice try overall rating so far zero stars….stay with meets, or Skype would be my advice. Kevin Quinlan
Can’t Log In Due To Tracking
Wyoming Goldprospector on 2021-08-05
This is the second time I’ve posted this review in the last 24hrs. My first review apparently disappeared. I cannot log into Zoom unless I give permission to Microsoft to track my phone. After denying permission, it will not let you log in period. I do not want to be tracked and that is my given right regardless of what a company states, Apple needs to vet these companies that refuses to allow people to continue to use these apps without being tracked. That’s the only reason why I updated to ios 14.5 from ios 10.
Zoom makes it easy for Jehovah’s Witnesses to continue meeting together
Tonemapped on 2021-08-05
The pandemic closed schools, theaters, restaurants, many businesses, and meetings of every kind except Jehovah’s Witnesses. From the time the pandemic began, the more than one hundred twenty thousand congregations in 240 lands and counties continued our regular scheduled meetings without any interruption. Also the large international conventions held every summer in 240 lands in 450 languages. Zoom makes this possible.
Very helpful, but 1 problem
자스린 on 2021-08-05
I like using Zoom whenever I have online classes or to contact my friends, but I’ve had this struggle. It might not be a big deal, but I can’t change my profile picture anymore. Not only on my phone, but also on my laptop as well. Of course I could just deal with the profile picture that I have but I like changing it for fun. I’m sorry if I am mistaken that it works fine, but can this bug be fixed if it can please?
Aquila Xanax on 2021-08-05
Many times I can’t hear anything when I join a meeting and I have to reboot my computer and then re-join the meeting to hear anything. The problem with this is that by the time I try to re-join, the host is no longer looking for people to let into the meeting. This sound problem with ZOOM usually happens after I have watched some YouTube videos, even if it was a day or two earlier.
No virtual background option
rambler__ on 2021-08-05
I only have home chats meeting contacts and settings. There is no option to change fhe background picture.i am using a iPad. The version of my zoom cloud meetings app is I have no option to change my background picture either on my iPads. My version is 5.7.4 and I’m using iOS 14.7.1. This is happening on two different iPads. Both with the same versions.
awesom star on 2021-08-05
This app is great for meetings online.Zoom has all the features you need like virtual backgrounds and filters! Many of you probably used this app during the pandemic and is is awesome!Here and there where issues because everyone was using the app but over all I love it.On the app you can chat with your friends and call with them.
Needs video prompt option
BluesStatic on 2021-08-05
For a mobile app it’s really bad to have it default to connect to meetings with video on. I’ve turned off video in setting multiple times, yet it still connects to sometimes with the camera on. It should prompt you each time whether you want camera on or not. Maybe an option to disable that if you’re sure.
Get to see my friends
TRosenbaum on 2021-08-05
I love it because it lets me and my friends to see each other, without being in person. And the filters and backgrounds are amazingly fun to do. The screen sharing is cool too. It is not laggy nor slow. I will definitely keep using it after the pandemic!
COVID-19 made Zoom a household name
zoomfancw on 2021-08-05
Zoom has been really helpful during the pandemic. As a teacher, mom, family member, community member, church member…. I’m telling you- Zoom has been there for it all. Zoom has and continues to help people in my circles stay connected and productive.

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