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Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication experience on mobile. It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones. VIDEO MEETINGS FROM ANYWHERE -Best video meeting quality -Easily join a meeting or start an instant meeting with phone, email, or company contacts -Virtual backgrounds on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models COLLABORATE ON THE GO -Best iPhone and iPad content and mobile screen sharing quality -Co-annotate over shared content -Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad UNLIMITED MESSAGING (WITH PHOTOS, FILES, AND MORE) -Reach people instantly with messages, files, images, links, and gifs -Quickly respond or react to threaded conversations with emojis -Create or join public and private chat channels MAKE, RECEIVE, AND MANAGE PHONE CALLS -Effortlessly make or receive calls with your business number -Get voicemail and call recording with transcripts -Use call delegation to make/receive calls on behalf of others -Set up auto-receptionists to autonomously answer and route calls AND MORE…. -Safe driving mode while on the road and works with Apple Carplay -Siri Shortcuts to customize your own voice commands to start, join, and listen to a list of upcoming meetings -Use your iOS app to start your meeting or for direct share in Zoom Rooms -Join Zoom Webinars as a view-only participant or panelist -Works over wifi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks ZOOM LICENSE INFORMATION: -Any free or paid license can be used with the app -Zoom Phone is an add-on to paid Zoom licenses -A paid Zoom subscription is required for certain product features FOLLOW US: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Have a question? Contact us at

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RnB-Camp on 2021-03-02
No one in the world has privacy because of privacy no longer is this in this modern day and age because of this breach some peoples lives and mental health has been destroyed. I myself do not even like to go in public any longer and I feel like everything I see on the Internet about me causing problems in my relationships and making me not trust anyway when I come to find out because every phone area flat screen on every device in your home this is the portal so you can see everything and that is not right because privacy is a human right privacy is something that every human being should be able to have. Somehow someway I will find good out of this like I always do if all it is is to help others so they don’t have to go to have been through I think that would be enough but I think there’s so much more I have not even began to tap into and share the visions I have. As of now the sky is still dark but I truly believe the future is bright!!!!!!!!!
Bro Wth
queen of cupcakes:P on 2021-03-02
What is wrong with y’all teachers and parents giving 4-5 stars I’m pretty sure y’all trying to kill me i don’t even get to eat lunch all I can do in a 10 min break is breathe like what y’all are litterally zoom livers like what leave pls ‍♀️that should be you there is a door leave if like zoom your brain dead or something the app ruined everything bruh like I could be getting a nice daily sleep or taking a shower or playing video games or hiking BUT NO BC OF THIS APP LIKE BROO if your here to give a good review here is another door if you haven’t left already like cmon bro are y’all half asleep or something bc for me this app is like no I have to sit in front of a stupid laggy screen for 4 hours straight like cmon I’d rather idek go hike for 4 hours and it’s not even fun all it does is lag tbh. Anyways yeah bye .
Best app I’ve ever used!! PLEASE READ!!!
hdhdjsjdjnfkrjfnjdhd on 2021-03-02
We had to start using zoom for school and I know that a lot of kids have given bad reviews because they hate school but that has nothing to do with the platform itself! It is absolutely flawless and super easy to use UNLIKE MICROSOFT TEAMS. They are always one step behind zoom in their innovations and new features. You can’t have as many people on a call as zoom. I know that people were concerned about security for a while but LET ME ASSURE YOU! Zoom went from several thousands of users to millions and millions of users over the course a few short days! Zoom was originally meant for business situations and then it went to party’s and play dates over zoom. I mean Microsoft has patch up Tuesday’s for crying out loud! They have fixed everything and I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT REGRET GOING WITH ZOOM!!!!!!!
Zoom fails to remember meeting IDs for recurring meetings
Typing Impaired on 2021-03-02
This is a feature that Skype and Hangouts has. Furthermore, I wish that Zoom would permit the creation of icons on the desktop so that by clicking an icon, the meeting would start. One click. No entering IDs. No selecting to join with audio. Once you set it up the first time, all settings would be remembered for the next time. 1 (one) click, not two minutes of configuration. On a zoom call today, I walked into a room with poor wifi reception, realized that, walked back to the room with the router and Zoom failed to reconnect. I had to toggle the wifi on/off button on my iPad to get it to reconnect.
As a student and person
hshdhjcgvd on 2021-03-02
I was using zoom as normal with my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to sign up! I went to it like normal I put my birthdate it said I was not eligible I already thought that was weird so I did that again. It still said that I was to young. I’m older I think I’m eligible. Out of anger I put 1930, it still said I was not eligible.. But after that I would say it’s ok
Zoom is amazing
Chandhra k on 2021-03-02
Love the app it amazing! Very resourceful!! I do a lot of conference calls and meeting over it and works Perfectly fine! Was wondering if you were able to add a feather that would allow the other people on the other end to not be able to either record or screen shot if we were discussing some personal files that would be great! Other then that I still give it a 5 star!!
jellykitten214 on 2021-03-02
I have started to use this a lot for my school and to talk to my counselor. And I even talk to my friends with it so we’re not completely away. This is really useful for me so I can talk to my counselor. Overall this is great it is just sometimes my audio cuts and when I minimize it it freezes. But other then that it’s awesome. Make sure you stay safe :)
Keeping in contact
sandycatlover08 on 2021-03-02
I had never heard of Zoom until May, 2020 when my Sunday School class couldn’t meet in person. Thru the miracles of modern technology Zoom has made it possible for us to meet each Sunday to study God’s Word, share prayer concern/praises and to see smiling face. What satan meant to do thru COVID our mighty God has used for His good and purpose!!!!!
TMD913 on 2021-03-02
Zoom is the savior app of these pandemic times. It has enabled togetherness not otherwise possible or safe. I use it literally every day, for classes and discussion groups, and it helps keep me sane. I wish only that its user interface were more uniform across platforms, so its controls were more predictable - this would ease assisting new users.
Ok but needs improvement
Praveen Gurram on 2021-03-02
App needs these improvements 1.) Enter Password for meetings app should be show a bigger keypad to enter it is easily. 2.) The recent meetings button is too small and can be made bigger and simpler 3.) there should be a place to save meeting links or many other meetings under contacts so people don’t have to enter password everytime

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