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Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication experience on mobile. It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones. VIDEO MEETINGS FROM ANYWHERE - Best video meeting quality - Easily join a meeting or start an instant meeting with phone, email, or company contacts - Virtual backgrounds on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models COLLABORATE ON THE GO - Best iPhone and iPad content and mobile screen sharing quality - Co-annotate over shared content - Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad UNLIMITED MESSAGING (WITH PHOTOS, FILES, AND MORE) - Reach people instantly with messages, files, images, links, and GIFs - Quickly respond or react to threaded conversations with emojis - Create or join public and private chat channels MAKE, RECEIVE, AND MANAGE PHONE CALLS - Effortlessly make or receive calls with your business number - Get voicemail and call recording with transcripts - Use call delegation to make/receive calls on behalf of others - Set up auto-receptionists to autonomously answer and route calls AND MORE…. - Safe driving mode while on the road and works with Apple CarPlay - Siri Shortcuts to customize your own voice commands to start, join, and listen to a list of upcoming meetings - Use your iOS app to start your meeting or for direct share in Zoom Rooms - Join Zoom Webinars as a view-only participant or panelist - Attend OnZoom events (US Beta only) - Works over Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks ZOOM LICENSE INFORMATION: - Any free or paid license can be used with the app - Zoom Phone is an add-on to paid Zoom licenses - A paid Zoom subscription is required for certain product features Follow us on social @zoom. Terms of Service: Privacy Statement: Have a question? Contact us at

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Started out great; now not possible to get help
Chucha Neese on 2022-08-08
I started with zoom (like everyone else) at the beginning of the pandemic. After a few business meetings I realized it would be great to host regular family meetings. By May of that year I knew one hour meetings would not be enough, and happily signed up for a premium account. All went very well until my retirement, when I wished to switch my account to my personal email since my business email was being closed. I quickly found out that writing an email was not sufficient, and that, in fact, help is almost impossible to obtain. After a string of automated menus, asking for increasingly obscure identification codes which required me to hang up, look up the information, and start over, I was informed that my level of account did not qualify for in person calls. Automatic payment cancelled; sorry, Zoom, we’re done.
Suboptimal CarPlay UX and randomly logs out
Tom_Bay on 2022-08-08
CarPlay UX is subpar, instead of being able to join a meeting from the app, one is asked by Siri “who to call using zoom”. No thank you, I just need to join the call on my calendar w/o having to reach for my phone while driving. App should simply show a list of meetings and allow user to tap the one they want to join. Also, after updates, app logs out. I understand there may be security reasons for this, but app should proactively ask user to sign in again. Many people out there have “auto update” on and when trying to join a call in the fly getting confronted with the login screen is far from an optimal experience. Help users join calls quickly!
More time please
from all my friends on 2022-08-08
We need more time on the zoom call we only have 40 minutes me and my friends want to pull a all nighter on the zoom and it has to be one zoom because her wifi goes out all the time and she can’t call on anything else but zoom so we need more time if you can give more time for free it would be nice please and thank you 😃 I would like more time because I don’t have the money to pay for more time on zoom and I don’t want to spend money on something stupid like that thank you for hearing me out I would still like more time 👍
Audio Issues
Çhrïš on 2022-08-08
If you are on a call and accidentally turn on a Bluetooth headset. The audio will switch to the headset as expected but if you turn off the Bluetooth headset, the audio will not switch back to the device. If you turn on the Bluetooth headset the audio won’t switch back to the headset either. You’ll lose audio until you crash close the app and rejoin the meeting. Unfortunately if you are on a que, you can’t rejoin the meeting.
Zoom - What have you done for me lately
Kuzzski on 2022-08-08
The most popular video conferencing app by far, but so many issues and bad UX. I gave them some slack in the beginning but now there is no excuse. What have they been doing with the money and success? Garbage updates that apply to few and ignore the average user. Any competitors listening? I can make this app so much better. I made a list, lol. UX rocks, but not on this app.
The app that supporter us in 2020
Dennexal on 2022-08-08
I was always using Zoom for my classes along with school and I am just so thankful for Zoom and them trying their best to let us have the best way to connect with family and friends, and attending classes that we would normally have In-Person, but virtually. Great app and would definitely recommend in the near future 😊
pattyboy86 on 2022-08-08
The Good: Zoom Video works pretty well. The Bad: Kills your cellphone battery quickly. Zoom Phone and Zoom Chat requires an almost perfect LTE or 5G connection to work properly. You can’t update your voicemail either. In general it needs a lot more features and functions.
Guyanabannah on 2022-08-08
This app is amazing app. When Covid-19 hit our nation this app came to the rescue of millions of people stranded in time. I enjoyed using it to attend my congregation meetings in various parts of the world, like I was there physically, it almost fooled me😂. Thank you for zoom.
Speaker Stacking
Jdjuric on 2022-08-08
Hi, Is it possible to stack two speakers vertically in a zoom call? And if not, can you pls make that option available? It would greatly help with posting prerecorded interviews to Instagram. Or if anyone has an idea how to do it using some other app, pls share. Thanks!
Zoom: Outta This World
BallerDude85111 on 2022-08-08
Meetings. Conversations. Networking. Parties. Literally anything and everything you can dream of happens on Zoom! This technology has enabled me to WFH, develop my career, and live a life far greater than my wildest dreams. Thanks to Zoom, I’m feeling outta this world!

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