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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Work from anywhere with a single app that combines team chat, phone, whiteboard, meetings, and more. COMMUNICATE EASILY WITH ANYONE Chat with internal and external contacts Place and accept calls or send SMS text messages Schedule a video meeting and join with a single click KEEP PROJECTS MOVING Chats and channels for messaging, file sharing, and more Share and annotate content during meetings Brainstorm on virtual whiteboards, share them in chat, and access them later WORK SAFELY ON THE GO Stay focused on the road with Apple CarPlay support Customize Siri Shortcuts for hands-free voice commands SSO support and Okta integration BOUNCE BETWEEN LOCATIONS Move a call or meeting between devices with a single click without interruption Use the mobile app to start a Zoom Rooms meeting and share content Multi-task on your iPhone with Picture and Picture or iPad with Split View USAGE INFORMATION - Any free or paid license can be used with the mobile app - A paid Zoom One subscription or add-on license is required to use certain product features. - Works over Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks - Support for iPhone and iPad Follow us on social media @zoom. Terms of Service: Privacy Statement: Have a question? Contact us at

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I like it, but please fix some things…
goddessgirl245 on 2023-03-24
Hello, I’m writing this review because I’ve noticed some problems I’ve had on zoom, and I just wanted the developers to see this. I like zoom overall, it’s easy to meet with people and chat with them, and a lot of my friends use it. One problem I have is that if you don’t have Zoom Pro, you can only have a meeting that is 40 minutes, and then the call automatically ends. It’s very annoying to be on a call with friends and then have it cut off. Also, I have two classes on Zoom and both teachers live in Morocco. In Morocco they don’t have the 40 minute limit, and it’s very infuriating to say to them that they have to rejoin the meeting when it ends (and I don’t know Arabic that much, even though they understand French like I do) , and it cuts into my class time, so that makes my class longer. Another problem I’ve been having is signing into my gmail account on zoom. During Covid, my school gave out school emails that work with zoom for our online class, and it’s not meant to text others with. But I can’t sign into zoom using my personal gmail account, because apparently I’m too young or something like that. I would like to be able to sign into my gmail account because the school accounts go on record and can be tracked, plus some kids on zoom text inappropriate things (or they used to) and the school can see that. Overall I like zoom because it’s super easy to text and have a meeting with someone rather than use email. Or iMessages, which some of my friends don’t have. If you have experienced the same struggles I listed in the reasons above, then you’re not the only one who’s having this problem, so hang in there because it might be many people who are experiencing this. Sorry this review is super long, I just had a lot to say! Anyways thanks for reading this! (Whoever you are).
Very disappointed
hoorayberet00 on 2023-03-24
Closed captioning, Live Transcription or Live Caption….none of them available to Zoom on my Mac or my new iPad Pro natively for Zoom. Other meeting platforms seem to enable them natively, like Google Meet, Doxy or FaceTime uses Live Caption natively. It would be very helpful if Zoom offered the ability in the native app and not require it be enabled by administrators of organizations or by meeting organizers. That strategy has been playing out so well when they try to figure out how to enable it and the people that require the technology have to suffer without it for weeks after the request from meeting organizers (like me).
The mess we’re forced to use
zacisbac06 on 2023-03-24
Being forced to use Zoom for 3 years now has been a nightmare. The security flaws, the constant updates, the increasingly convoluted interface, all these things have made me much prefer FaceTime and discord. A video call app shouldn’t have as many settings as this. There’s a bunch but then even more online. The mobile version is even worse than the desktop version. It’s hard to see everything u need to see at once. Chatting is tedious bc it keeps turning on Direct Messaging. If u don’t have to use it, don’t. Zoom, please if u read this, please simplify things.
Qnbee007 on 2023-03-24
I just need to be able to delete comments by others and remove request to invite. Was able to do so in older version. Now ounce you send an invite, or someone sends a Dumb comment it is stuck there all with there chat history even after you remove them from group. Come on Zoom the admin has to remain ,in complete control of the groups at all time. If we don’t want to see a comment or contact we should be able to remove them and all the history for that one person in the group. And not be forced to see it forever.
Won't accept responsibility!
markrem42 on 2023-03-24
I work from iPad Pro 5th gen Unable to turn off center stage feature on Zoom, otherwise center stage feature is otherwise toggled on/off as needed in other apps. Apple says it a Zoom problem; Zoom doesn't seem to want to acknowledge it. Contacted support, received no response, and my ticket was marked as solved. Previous reviews on their site from others with other O/S have the same problem with Zoom. Zoom knows about problem. Zoom can do better!
No Longer Compatible with Business Devices
Lizbeth182 on 2023-03-24
Very upset because Zoom was working on the kids IPads that they receive their tela therapy via zoom and this week their device is no longer compatible. Please fix this issue so that my kids can continue to receive the therapy they need without buying new over priced devices when the devices that have work perfectly fine. Your modified system that is preventing them from success. Zoom will not even load in safari. PLEASE HELP TO FIX THIS!!!
Why is there no calendaring integration with Apple?
Goodnicknamesgone on 2023-03-24
What kind of half baked app doesn’t have calendar integration with Apple - and / or requires desktop set up? Seriously - if this wasn’t the one most companies chose during the pandemic who would use it? Since everyone has gotten with the program on Video meetings - anyone who integrates more effectively with Apple or mobile devices should have a chance to knock this “too big to fail” app as long as they tie off HIPAA compliance.
Annoying and costs money
ilovetogiggle!😁 on 2023-03-24
Me and my friend call but it said that we have a limited time of 30 minutes then we have to rejoin, ok that’s fine. BUT THEN, it kept limiting the time to shorter amounts of minutes. so then we start a stopwatch and it went on for seven minutes. Yeah that’s barely nothing. I mean come on zoom. People only used you in 2020. You should just be thankful that people are using you now you worthless piece of crap.
Zoom changed my settings
"Honeydip" on 2023-03-24
I only use Zoom for Christian Education. I tried to log-in 03/21/23 @ 6:pm but couldn't. My settings were changed to business settings and I don't own or work for a business. This is pitiful. These companies have gone money,money,money crazy. And iPad won't let me re-download it, nor can I get another app like Zoom. It continually tells me I can't purchase them.
Where is the toolbar on iPad??
ellieMi on 2023-03-24
And why cannot I find annotate when there is no toolbar on my iPad Zoom. It keeps directing me to use the app but the app only shows limited tools. I am trying to do 10 things in 5 minutes for a virtual position I really want. No wonder I failed the first time. I could not do what I needed to do in a timely manner and on my iPad this in NOT user friendly.

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