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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Ready for the Zoom Out 3D guessing game? Can you guess what’s in the picture? A carpet or a bird? An apple or a chair? This singer or that actress? This dancer or that model? The list goes on with over 100+ picture quizzes. Zoom Out 3D is the best picture quiz guessing game full of fun quizzes that will have you guessing all day. So what are you waiting for? Start playing the Zoom Out 3D guessing game now, can you get all the quizzes right? Download now! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

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Ally:> on 2021-10-23
Hi I’m Milly and this app is ok it’s just it needs a update like not bots like real people And more hard guessing So I show this on a add and I thought that it was going to be harder and better and I just don’t know about it The game is kinda boring and easy I would like it to be more harder and real people except for bots and it’s kinda good it just really needs a update So I would give this a 5 If it was more harder and real people and not so much adds so yeah I would just really want a update cuz it’s really easy and just please make it harder cuz that will help me and other people and btw I’m not telling you how to control your game if you feel that way I just want a update so yeah sorry if you feel like I’m trying to tell you what to do have a good day/night
Egoinmyapple on 2021-10-23
So uhm.. it’s a good idea. But it’s really boring!! It would be fun if we could play with REAL people, instead of your type of “people” (Bots to anyone who is confused). There are more ads than game play as well. And all the ads you have to wait to the end to click the X. Over all, I wouldn’t recommended this game to really anyone. Oh one more thing, in the ads that are for this game.. it shows the full pictures on the sides instead of the words. Like- what if someone has no idea who it is!? Anyways. 3/10 (yes, yes, I know it’s only out of five, but this is my rating okay), don’t recommend. Please look into an online play, it would make the game LOTS better, and would get you better reviews. - L1lia.
Janie Leach on 2021-10-23
This is a good idea for a game. If it weren’t for my problem, I would likely enjoy it. My problem is the amount of ads that pop up. I AM NOT JOKING, I SEE MORE ADS IN THIS GAME THAN IN ANY GAME EVER. I SEE MORE ADD THAN I DO THE ACTUAL GAME. This is so frustrating. It took me ten whole minutes to get through the tutorial just because of ads popping up after every move. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. If you get rid of the ads, I’ll download it again. Until then, I don’t want to be rude, but I hate it.
goldenmonkiez on 2021-10-23
For those who are okay with ads, I shall let you know every time you do an action like hit the arrows you will be given an ad. Matter of fact, you’re given the option to double your money or collect, either way you’ll be given an ad. What I’m trying to say say this is a lame game, thank you for your time. Also, they probably made fake accounts to give this game a high rating.
It’s a good app but the adds are ridiculous
ellie569 on 2021-10-23
The game is fun and all but if you win a level you get a add if you lose a level add there are so many adds I have lost count and they want you to buy stuff good job to the person who makes all this money running this app and I am sorry to all the people who got tricked into buying stuff from this app good luck 🍀 with your business!!!
Ad ridden spyware of an app
MandiepPan on 2021-10-23
EVERY single action you do will force you to watch and wait two full screen ads. This piece of money grabbing app is 90% ads. I would highly recommend to stay away from this adware if you value your time and battery life of your device. I normally don't write reviews but this app is highly annoying is what made me to write a review!
Fun game but
bry16316 on 2021-10-23
It’s a really really really fun game and you get to learn more people but when you try to say something it doesn’t have that microphone they press on it if you don’t know the word but it doesn’t let you do that so that’s why I don’t like again everything‘s fine but not that so ya
boom 💥⚡️💥 on 2021-10-23
When I first got this game, it was really fun and addicting, but then I realized it just keeps repeating the same pictures, and you already know the answer to them, so plz I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DONT GET THIS GAME I would rate it zero stars but it makes you do at least one
I kicks me out
kalesscope on 2021-10-23
Okay so it says I'm a newbie cause i just started the game.but it will not let me play anymore it will just kick me out! Whats my rate 2/5 I'm giving this a 👎 so just fix that mistake BEFORE I EMAIL WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME!😡
Good but TO MANY ADS-
ItzCoffeeCupYT on 2021-10-23
Hi I’m Scarlett and I’ve been seeing way to many ads when I start a new round ad another new round ad please you guys should take most of the ads down this is a reply for some big fixes and less ads By:Scarlett To:Crazy Labs

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