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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



One app gives you access to OVER 150 animal sounds! PLUS create custom ringtones using those sounds, and talking Caller ID that greets you by name and announces your callers, and download the ringtones as a FREE BONUS! To use the sounds as ringtones, keep in mind that all custom ringtones must be installed using iTunes on your Mac or PC. So, run the app on your iOS device, create your custom ringtones, then follow the instructions. ON YOUR COMPUTER download the ringtones, open the .m4r files in iTunes and sync your iPhone. This is how iOS works. No app can install custom ringtones without iTunes. Send us your requests for more sounds and ringtones! We've added lots of new animals, including Alligators, Bats, Camel, Dolphins & more! Sounds include: AfricanFrog Alligator Baaa Baboon BabyChicks Bark Barnyard Bats Bear Bee BlackLeopard BlueJay Bull BullElephant Bullfrog Camel CanadianGeese Canaries Cardinal Cattle Chicken Chimp Cougar Cow Coyote Cricket Crocodile Crow CuckooClock DancingWithWolves DogGrowl Dogs Dolphin Donkey Dove Duck Elephant Elk Frog Gibbon Goat Goose Gorilla GrizzlyBear Hawk Hen Herons Hogs Hornet Horse HorseTrot HorseWhinny HorsesGalloping Hyenas Jaguar Kitty Lamb Leopard Lion Lynx Macaw Martinet Meow Mockingbird Monkey Moo Mosquito MountainLion NightBug OldGoat Orangutan Owl Parakeet Parrot Peacock Penguins Pig Pigeons Piglet Poodle Puma Puppy Rattlesnake Rhino Ribbit Robin Rooster SeaLion Seagull Seal Sheep Sparrow Squirrel StBernard T-Rex Tiger Toad Turkey Tweet Vulture Wasp Werewolf Whale Wolves Woodpecker From the makers of the #1 best selling sound board app, 100sounds -

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