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Dec, 2022



Equipped with an Alarm, a Timer and a Stopwatch, this simply designed clock app helps you manage your time. If you wear earphones, you can use this even at crowded places. Alarm ・You can set several alarms each having their on and off switch. ・You can receive notifications even if your iPhone is locked. You can also raise the repeat count so that you can notice the notifications. Timer ・You can set the time from 1 second to 99 hours. ・You can use the History to reuse the time you used before. ・You can add notes to the Histories. ・You can receive notifications even if your iPhone is locked. Stopwatch ・You can keep track of your lap times. ・You can send a .txt file via e-mail. (You cannot share them on some apps such as Twitter) Music ・You can listen to the music in your iPhone/iPad.Please use them when you listen to music to concentrate on your task. ※You cannot use music on iCloud. URL scheme net.hakoniwa.clock:// ----- About the notifications Please allow notifications from this app to receive notifications. If you have problems receiving notifications, please try the following. ・Tap Settings on iPhone/iPad ・Select[Alarm & Timer] ・Select [Notifications] ・Enable[Allow Notifications] When the Alarm does not ring: ・Please make sure the volume of your iPhone is big enough. ・Please make sure your iPhone is not in silent mode. (!) After updating, if the alarm tone becomes the default sound of the iPhone, press and hold the power button of the iPhone, turn off the power, and turn it on again to fix it.

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