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Feb, 2023



Users Love Atlas 2023! 5 Star Review ***** Lots of fun to use. Like a virtual globe. Helpful for learning geography. =) - heyjone 5 Star Review ***** Short and sweet. A lot of up to date information. Sort of like an almanac. Good app. - Pallbearer Expand your knowledge of the World with Atlas Geo 2022. View World Maps & Facts quickly and conveniently on your iPad. Atlas Geo 2022 features valuable Information and Maps on over 250 world countries. FEATURES ========== * Interactive World Map (Zoom to Street Level) * Large Detailed World Map (Mercator Projection with Countries, US States, Canadian Provinces plus Ocean Floor Contours) * Large Political and Physical World Maps. * Regional Maps of North America, United States, Central America, South America, Arctic, Europe, Africa, Central Balkans, Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. * World Time Zones. * Valuable up-to-date information on over 250 world countries. Information includes Population, Economy, People & Society, Languages spoken, Government, GDP, and more. * Quick Reference maps of over 250 world countries. * Flags of over 250 world countries. * Country Statistics Comparison. Comparisons include Population, Birth Rate, GDP, Unemployment rate, and much more. * Offline and online maps Explore the World on your iPad today!

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