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Countdown for big events like Christmas countdown and time until other important festivals. Set your own countdown widget to remember your vacation or wedding countdown. This app is designed with event counter and counts exact time until big days or events of your life in seconds, hours and days. --- COUNTDOWN TIME UNTIL FOR YOUR LIFE BIG DAYS OR EVENTS --- Counter for your life big events to set widget in the app with customized setting including image, reminder alert and name of the widget. Big day countdown event app will tell you the time until your upcoming and scheduled events or special days. Let this app countdown for your life big days events and counter will begin until the time completed even in hours, days, months or years. This app will allow to set unlimited countdown widget for all events including; vacations, promotion, birthday countdown or wedding etc. ----- FEATURES FOR THIS COUNTDOWN - BIG DAYS COUNTER ----- - Countdown for life big events - Unlimited widget to set in the app with time until timer - Christmas countdown and all important events counter - Simple and easy user interface to use - Perfect reminder for time until big events - Set birthday, wedding, pregnancy, promotion countdown widget - Simple app to see how many days left for the big events - Graduation countdown for all higher school person - Customized image, ringtones and title setting for each widget The app is simple to use and set unlimited widgets in it with perfect time until reminder tones. Big events alert is now simple with your IOs device. No need to remember your lover or girlfriend birthday or promotion or pregnancy dates, this countdown app is here to assist your life big days. --- COUNTDOWN BIG EVENTS REMINDER --- Reminding the big events is now not a problem, just set widgets for all important days of your life and the app will help you perfectly with providing you perfect alert even after months or year. The user friendly user interface will help all ages users to use the app efficiently. --- COUNTDOWN WIDGET LOCK SCREEN --- Set unlimited countdown widgets as you want including Vacation, Wedding, Anniversary, Birth, Baby, Graduation, Pregnancy, Trip, New Home, Retirement, Game, Goals, Concert, Birthday, Holiday, Party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Cruise, Valentines, and many more not just on home screen but having an ease to set on the lock screen as well. --- FEEDBACK OR QUESTIONS --- We will welcome all our user’s suggestions and comments feel free to contact us at [email protected] Have fun and never miss your life big day events!

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