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Bondy - share your location with the whole family. The Bondy family GPS tracker was created with your family’s safety in mind. Connect with your friends and family on Bondy so that you can always know they're safe. Bondy - the app for parents and kids, created to give you peace of mind about your family’s safety. Bondy will help you: - share your location with the whole family - see where your family is on an online map - find out when your loved ones enter or leave home - know if your family member's phone is charged - send a loud signal if your loved ones aren’t picking up the phone - send an SOS signal to ask for help if you’re in trouble Bondy is designed for family safety and provides parental controls to protect your children. Thanks to the GPS tracker, you will always know the geo-position of your whole family. The app cannot be installed secretly; use is allowed only with consent. Personal data is stored in strict compliance with the law and GDPR policy. The app needs the following permissions - Location services that allow you to share real-time location data, SOS signals and location alerts even when the app is off or not in use - Notifications that inform you of changes in your family's location - Contacts to find other members of your family who can join your family circle - Camera to change your profile picture Add an emergency contact to your Bondy GPS locator and tracker and your location will be sent to them when you press the SOS button. Never ever worry about your family again with the Bondy app! With a family tracker, you can have peace of mind, knowing they are always connected. Rest assured that your loved ones are safe when they are away from home. You can familiarise yourself with our documents: - User Agreement - - Privacy Policy - For any suggestions and questions about our app write to [email protected]

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