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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Colorimetry PRO is the first assistant to image consultants and professionals related to the world of aesthetics. It is a powerful and innovative portable digital tool that assists in the process image consulting at the time of diagnosis of personal colorimetry and posterior selection of colors that favor each person. In each image consulting service, and as a key area, the study is conducted color to identify and then recommend the color palette that enhances the beauty nature of the person. These colors are applied in clothes, accessories, hair color; which results in a great impact on the perception of those who observe. Improper use of colorimetry (mainly located near colors face), causes the skin to look prematurely aged, thereby causing blemishes, affecting the look, it may seem sad or tired, even depressed among other examples. Based on seasonal theory, colorimetry PRO is the tool developed by experts in image and colorimetry applied to people, which supports professionals at the time of analysis and recommendation palette right color for each client, fundamental base in the design personal and professional image. In short: an easy and dynamic program that optimizes process times image consulting; It provides a practical and specific visual results colorimetry appropriate recommendation for each particular case, both for professional and its customers. Operation: By registering a profile, you can access the final diagnosis of colors that favor. The same report, it is possible be sent to the customer via email to have your available color palette recommended. The application allows registration of multiple profiles. Once defined a profile may be: - Get the immediate result of the color palette recommended - Demonstrate from a photo, as close to the face look different colors - Scan a color / garment to determine whether it is favorable or not - Recommendation hair tones - Determine the level of contrast of colors to use - Associating scanning clothes / colors to different saved profiles, for Recommended subsequent recommendation. Independently, not strictly linked to a user profile you can: - Make a color test for personalized diagnosis (defined as cold or warm), so you can perform a similar process that is done with fabrics / necklaces tester you can send and inform the customer via email. - Make from just a photo, custom color palette, which can send and inform the customer via email. - Scan clothing / colors file - Put together a bank of images of people with different outfits which will be classified by color group, with support when generating recommendations to customers. The application allows you to navigate between different saved profiles, may at any time make modifications on the data entered for update. This tool functionality encourage the use of the technique and consequently you helps professionals to quickly strengthened in the area of ​​color. Colorimetry PRO provides the opportunity to offer a study of deep color, accurate and fast, professional and modern way.

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