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Jan, 2023



Need to quickly convert between various RF signal measurement units? dB Calc performs lots of decibel related conversions: Decibel / Neper / Ratio Conversions: Enter in either the dB, Np (nepers), power or voltage ratio, and the other values will be calculated. Decibel / Power / Voltage Calculations: Enter in the one known value, and the others will be calculated. Select the correct units before entering in the value. You can change the units of the displayed (calculated values) by selecting the new units. Enter in the resistance before entering in the known value. The following units are available: dBmW - dB ref to 1 mW power dBuV - dB ref to 1 uV dBu - dB ref to 0.7746 V (audio) dBV - dB ref to 1 V uW - microwatts mW - milliwatts W - watts uV - microvolts mV - millivolts V - volts RMS Waveforms Conversions: Conversion between rms, peak, peak-peak voltage and current values for a user entered resistance. Sine, square, and triangle waveforms are supported. Get your copy of dB Calc today, and take the hassle out of dB related conversions.

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