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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



DIVO is the shortest path for new models to get into the fashion industry!  It does not matter whether you have experience, a cool portfolio, or financial opportunities to participate in foreign casting calls. Register in the app by posting your photo and details to get the opportunity to: • Follow the lives of famous models. • Learn from them by studying special training materials from famous models. • Meet new people in the fashion industry — modeling agency agents or professional models. Chat with them and gain new experience and useful contacts. • See various casting calls in different countries around the world. Apply and possibly get a callback. • Get job offers for photo shoots or even become an ambassador of some well-known international brand. Every offer will be right in your feed! • Create a digital counterpart of your portfolio. Using computer vision and machine learning, our artificial intelligence instantly selects your profile from a million others based on your photos and details and suggests you to a client or modeling agency trying to find someone with your look! That’s why it's important both to upload a photo where your face is clearly visible, and to fill in all your details in your account profile! This is your key to success!   DIVO provides a fast and safe way for new faces to break into the fashion industry, as well as tools to reduce financial and time costs. Our platform combines a wide range of features tailored to the specific needs of every major player in the industry: models, new faces, brands, advertisers, modeling agencies, and scouts. For professional models, DIVO provides the opportunity to: • Find new international casting calls and job offers. • Be visible to the world’s top agencies and brands thanks to artificial intelligence (computer vision and machine learning). • When traveling, quickly find fellow models and compatriots staying in the same city with you, as well as places to relax recommended by your colleagues (restaurants, bars, cafes, sports clubs, etc.) • Get new followers among fashion world newcomers: publish educational content, and talk about your career and life. • Follow your colleagues in the fashion industry. • Find new useful professional contacts in the fashion industry and chat with them directly   For modeling agencies, brands and other clients, DIVO lets you: • Save time and money when finding new faces and models. Our artificial intelligence, based on computer vision and machine learning, suggests DIVO user profiles that are a) similar to your models and b) match your search parameters. • Create international casting calls/job ads that will only be shown to candidates who fit the specified casting parameters. For example, we can show ads only to models with a certain eye color. • Promote your brand: post new content, get new followers, and increase brand awareness.

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