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Farmacología Clínica Pediátrica is an easy to use application that contains the drugs most used in pediatrics for its Generic Name; also includes a section with drugs classified by pharmacological group, medical pediatric formulas and medical scales used in pediatrics. Farmacología Clínica Pediátrica contains data of each drug as: - Therapeutic indications - Contraindications - Side Effects - Method of administration - Drug Interactions - Changes in the results of laboratory tests - Restrictions on use during pregnancy and breastfeeding - Pharmacokinetics - Pharmaceutical form - Precautions - Precautions regarding effects of carcinogenesis, mutation, Impairment of Fertility - Manifestations and management of overdose or accidental ingestion -Storage Pharmacological groups included: -Allergenics -Analgesics -Antibiotics -Antifungals -Antiinflammatories -Antiparasitary -Antiretrovirals -Antipyretics -AntiTB -Antivirals -Cardiology -Dermatology -Endocrinology -Gastroenterology -Gynecology -Infectology -Immunosuppressives -Intensive -Nefrology -Neonatology -Pneumology -Neurology -Ophthalmology -Onco-Hematology -ORL -Psychiatry -Reumatology Farmacología Clínica Pediátrica is oriented for students and people in the area of health interested in pediatric medicines. Comments and suggestions Technical support Contact us to [email protected] Disclaimer: All information and results in Farmacología Clínica Pediátrica is for informational purposes. The information is not specific medical advice for any person and it should not be used as medical treatment guide. The content of this App should not substitute medical advice from health professional. If you have a health problem, speak to your doctor or health professional immediately about your condition.

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