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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Make your TV a lively goldfish aquarium! You can set a goldfish aquarium as the live background for your TV (that has a connected Chromecast or Google TV device). You can select the background with your iPhone or iPad. The goldfish aquariums are *not* static images, but are alive and moving. FEATURES: • High quality live backgrounds - you can pick from two lively goldfish aquariums. • These are not streamed from the internet and so, you can keep the live backgrounds running for hours without wasting your network bandwidth. • Once loaded, there are no buffering delays while watching the live backgrounds. • The live background will keep showing even after you disconnect your iPhone or iPad (Tap the 'Exit app on TV' button to quit the application on your TV). • No ads, no lags. Just fullscreen aquariums on the TV! • The fish tanks also have realistic background audio (Tap the 'Toggle Audio' button to mute/unmute). So go ahead, make your TV a goldfish aquarium! :-) NOTE: ** A Chromecast device or Google TV is needed to use this application. Please install it *only* if you have a Chromecast device or Google TV ** If you find any issues, please contact us before giving us a low rating - we would really appreciate it and do our best to fix them! Thanks!

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