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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Huawei kids watches are capable of calling, locating, and chatting, and help record all of your child's memorable moments! The HUAWEI FamCare app provides the following features when used with your watch: HD calling: Allows your child to make HD calls with family and friends saved in Contacts anytime and anywhere. The Block strangers feature is enabled by default to prevent your child from getting unwanted calls. Video calling: Allows your child to make video calls with family and friends at any time. Multi-factor positioning: Provides positioning based on satellites, networks, and multiple auxiliary methods to help you find out your child's location in real time. Class time mode: Only allows your child to view the time, call admins, and make emergency calls to prevent your child from being distracted in class. Fun chats: Provides a wide range of audio and images for real-time chats for your child to keep in touch with their friends. Safe zones: Allows you to set safe zones and be informed throughout the day when your child enters or exits the safe zones. Footprint records: Allows you to find out about which routes your child has taken based on the locations reported by the watch over the past seven days. Making friends: Provides the feature of shaking to add friends for your child to make calls and chat with friends. * Note: The features of the HUAWEI FamCare app may vary depending on the Huawei kids watch model. Actual device specifications should prevail.

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