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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



LG Action CAM LTE, an action cam broadcasting Live Video via LTE & Wi-Fi. ---------------- What’ New ----------------- LG Action CAM LTE can be remotely controlled via LG Remote Access, providing camera preview, recording, gallery and setting. 1. Add the Home CCTV features 2. Support more easy ways to get gallery and setting 3. Provide the popup window which how to upgrade SW of LG Action CAM LTE via FOTA [Details] - Connection between LG Action CAM LTE and smartphone Simply install and run the LG Action CAM LTE Manager App. on your smartphone. You can connect your LG Action CAM LTE. LG Action CAM LTE’s initial password is “00+last 6 digits of serial numbers” You can change Wi-Fi password in settings menu in LG Action CAM LTE manager app. - Camera : Shoot with smartphone display You can use the LG Action CAM LTE Manager app. in your smartphone, and shoot photos and videos on your LG Action CAM LTE. You can also change camera options (Resolution, FPS, Field of view, etc.). - Video Streaming You can broadcast your video to Youtube or Afreeca TV in real time via cellular network (LTE, 3G) or Wi-Fi connection to internet. Before using video streaming, you have to register your Youtube or Afreeca TV account in LG Action CAM LTE manager app. - Gallery : Viewing You can use LG Action CAM LTE manager app. to view images and videos you shoot. You can browse and download images and videos in external SD card of LG Action CAM to smartphone. - Home CCTV You can remotely access LG Action CAM LTE by creating LG account with personal authentication. Developer Email : [email protected]

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