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Jan, 2023



The LG Sound Bar exclusive app lets you set up and control various functions of the LG Sound Bar. Through this application, the User can configure various features and control sound effects of LG Sound Bar. Check it out on your smartphone right now. The following LG Electronics products are available for this application: [Supported Model] > Wi-Fi Soundbar - (SK Series) SK10,SK9,SK8,SK6 - (SL Series) SL11,SL9,SL8 - (SN Series) SN11,SN10, SN9, SN8 - (SP Series) SP11,SP9,SP8 - (SQ Series) S95QR,S90QY,S80QR,S80QR - (SS Series) SC9S, SE6S > Wi-Fi Speaker - WK7 > Bluetooth Soundbar - (SP Series) SP7, SPD7, SP2 - (SQ Series) S75Q,SH7Q,S65Q,S60Q,S40Q - Éclair(QP5) ※ Guide to Access Permissions [Optional Access Permissions] - Location . Permission required to look up the SSID of Wi-Fi to search for the speaker . Permissions required to download product instruction manuals - Local network: Permission required to search for a Wi-Fi sound bar - Bluetooth: Permission required to find a speaker that works with the app * You can use the app even if you do not agree to the optional access permissions.

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