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Dec, 2022



Lunar calendar with void of course, moon/sunrise/sunset, retrograde mercury and biorhythm! A "tear-off calendar" as an app. The calendar calculates data from January 1800 to December 2023. But he can do much more! Functions: THE MOON AT THIS MOMENT • Calculation according to tropical or sidereal zodiac • Current moon phase, time of entry into the next phase of the moon • Images of the moon of the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow • Current zodiac sign, time of entry into the next zodiac • Times of void of course • Times of sun and moon rise/set • Word of the daily quality for all 48 combinations of moon phase and zodiac • Tap-Function to switch quickly between daily views • Date selection for any day in the supported period • PDF export of the daily view DAILY CHARACTERISTICS • Element (fire, earth , water, air ) • Quality (warm, cold, water, light) • Plants (roots, flowers, fruits, leaves) • Food quality ( fat / oil, carbohydrates, protein, salt ) • Body regions (corresponding to the zodiac) with alternative care tips and yoga exercises DAILY TIPS • 7 main categories (home, garden, nutrition, personal care, hair care, health, DIY) • 84 activities MONTH / SEARCH • Monthly view of the moon phases, zodiac signs and retrograde mercury • Exact timing of the zodiac change and the full and new moon phase • Calculation / search of very suitable, suitable and unsuitable days for the 84 activities • Export appointment to Calendar • PDF export of the monthly view MORE... • Biorhythm individually adjustable for any date • Short guide • Multilingual: English and German

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