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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Piping hot & tasty, More Soup! lets you chop, dice & pour in ingredients to cook the best virtual soup on your iPhone and iPad. From Maverick Software, creators of the food apps loved by millions of fans. Make soup from scratch or follow built-in recipes- you can make all your favorite soups from chicken noodle to gumbo! 40 built-in recipes give you just the right ingredients to make all your favorites - chicken noodle, clam chowder, tomato, alphabet soup, french onion, wonton, hot & sour, broccoli cheese, and more. Or make any soup you want from scratch, with 100 different ingredients you can add to the pot. Stir them up, then add crackers, bacon bits, cheese and more. Choose the right bowl & tablecloth and then tap to take bites. You can even share your soup with friends via email or Facebook. And for a challenge, figure out the recipes for 13 achievements you can earn by making special soups, then brag about them on Game Center. More Soup! features: - Retina display graphics and support for all iPhones & iPads - 40 built-in recipes for all kinds of soup - 100 ingredients to make your own soups from scratch - 32 toppings to add to your soup after it’s done - Choose from 19 bowls and 18 tablecloths - Game Center achievements If you have a suggestion for an ingredient or feature you'd like us to add, post a review and let us know!

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