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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



The FREE version of More Toys gives you unlimited play for 6 of the 25 games from the full app. And you can unlock ALL of the games for one low price! Never be bored again, with fun games for kids of all ages. From classic toys like mini-golf, peg jump and tic tac toe to action games inspired by your favorites. Shake, tilt, and tap your way to fun! More Toys supports iPads (including Mini), iPhones, and iPod Touches, with amazing Retina Display graphics. Most of the games include high score tables and automatically save their progress if you need to stop and come back later. You can even mark your favorite games so they are easy to come back to. Perfect for entertaining yourself, your little brother or sister, grandkids, or the kids you're babysitting. Free games included: - Bubble Pop (you can't stop popping!)  - Candy Match (classic match 3 game with yummy candies!) - Hat Party (can you catch all the falling hats on your animal's head?!) - Mini Golf (9 holes to conquer) - Plinko (drop the balls and watch them bounce, how high a score can you get?) - Xylophone (make up your own music or follow along to play 12 different songs) Games in the full unlocked app: - Barnyard Sound Board (when you just need a mooo or quack!) - Blow Bubbles (blow on your phone to make bubbles, then chase & pop them!) - Bunny Jump (how high can you guide the bunny up into the sky?) - Carrot Maze (munch all the carrots but don't let the farmers catch you!) - Coloring Book (12 animal themed pictures to color, inside or outside the lines :) ) - Cupcake Juggler (how many can you keep in the air at once?) - Hula Hoop (shake or swipe to spin away) - Jacks (toss the ball and pick 'em up! One-sies, two-sies,… ten-sies!) - Labyrinth (tilt and guide the ball through 10 mazes) - Memory Match (it takes some concentration to be good at this!) - Newton's Cradle (a fun physics simulation) - Peg Jump (can you jump down to just one peg?) - Pinwheel (blow on your phone or swipe to spin!) - Shanghai Match (pick matching tiles two at a time from the pile, try to get them all!) - Solitaire (classic card game for one) - Slingshot Pop (pop the balloons with your slingshot!) - Table Hockey (a two player game that's great on the iPad) - Tic Tac Toe (a true classic) - Tile Slider (can you get the numbers back in order?)

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