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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Audio Editor is an easy-to-use music editing application with rich editing features. Its flexible editing operations and clear layouts will bring you a pleasant editing experience. *WHAT IS AUDIO EDITOR? Audio Editor is a useful tool for your music editing needs, with a variety of audio editing features, you can: - Trim Music, and cut music clips precisely. - Merge and Mix Music, combine music clips. - Extract music from videos. - Convert audio to different formats. - Record audio file. *REASONS FOR CHOOSING THIS AUDIO EDITOR APP. This all-in-one audio editor provides rich audio editing functions, come try it! 1. Music Trimmer: - Trim music clips precisely with the built-in wave graph. - Cut music easily by dragging the trim handle. 2. Music Merger and Mixer: - Combine several music clips, even in different formats. - Add background sounds to your music, mix music flexibly with the multitrack feature. - The Music Mixing feature is available for Premium Members. 3. Convert video to MP3: - Extract audio from videos. - Make Music MV to MP3 instantly. 4. Format Converter & Compressor: - Convert format without quality loss, MP3/ M4A/ WAV/ FLAC formats are now supported. - Useful and customizable music compressor with adjustable bitrate and sample rate. 5. Recorder: - Record audio instantly with a built-in audio recorder *WHERE TO IMPORT AUDIO FILES? You have several ways to import audio files. - Import from Files/iCloud: Select music from Files, Apple Music, or iCloud. - Import from the video: Extract mp3 tracks from the video. - Import by recording. - Import from your Studio: Import edited files for re-editing. In summary, it’s an easy-to-use audio editor application that can meet all your editing needs. Audio Editor is a free app and most of the features are FREE. Premium Members now have access to additional features including music mixing. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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