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My Diary provides a friendly, professional, and personalized diary-journal experience. With its beautiful and thoughtful design, it lets you enjoy every memorable moment. WHAT IS MY DIARY? My Diary is a free online diary with lock. You can use it to record daily journals, secret thoughts, journeys, mood trackers, and any private moments. It is a diary that supports adding photos, themes, diary background, mood, font effects, etc., making your private diary more vivid and safe. Committed to providing the most intimate diary-journal writing experience for users who want to keep a diary and care about their mental health. With the My Diary app, you can: Write diaries or record journeys anytime, anywhere Write photo diaries. Add pictures or drawings to make your personal diary more vivid Customize your journals with themes, moods, font effects, stickers Use it as a mood-tracker and get mood analysis Set a password to lock your diary and protect your memories JOURNALING FOR MENTAL HEALTH Journaling is a simple way to write down your thoughts and feelings to manage your mental health and control your emotions. Journaling has many benefits, including: Clear fear and concerns Manage anxiety and reduce stress Expressing your emotions. Journaling is really a good mental health tracker and mood tracker Learn from your experiences and make you happier Gain control of your emotions etc REASONS FOR CHOOSING THIS JOURNALING APP 1. Easy-to-use & Beautiful interface * It provides beautiful diary themes. Add enjoyment to every moment of daily journaling * Night dark theme. Makes it more comfortable when you keep a journal at night * Well-designed pages, let you start a journal or take notes easily * Providing journaling guides, Follow it step by step to complete the first diary. * Powerful rich text effect. It gives you the best experience whether you take journeys notes or write diaries. 2. Safe and Private * My Diary, as a private diary app, protects your memories by setting an app passcode. You can turn on the diary lock to make your diary safe. * We recommend that you set a security question to avoid forgetting your password and being unable to visit your journal. 3. Photo Diary, More Than Words * My Diary is a Photo diary. Add photos to make your private journals more memorable. * Check all journal photos in the Media View Mode * Add drawings to reflect your ideas and thoughts 4. Decorate Your Diary * Enjoy the Diary illustrated themes. Whether it’s a travel journal, health journal, girl diary, or mood tracker diary, there will always be a theme you like (Some of them are Premium) * Choose backgrounds when writing journal entries, see how lovely private journals can be (Some of them are Premium) * Writing about your feelings helps the brain overcome upsets, clear fears and leaves you happier 5. Mood Tracker * Some moods cannot be expressed in words, so you can choose mood diary symbols. Add your mood when you start writing diaries or take day notes * Track mood in the mood calendar * Check your mood trends in statistics * Be your free metal health tracker 6. Categorize Your Daily Notes with Tags * Adding tags for your daily journals * The suggested categories include Travel notes, work notes, love diary, baby diary, daily motivations, pregnancy diary, etc * Easily check your entries by tags In summary, It is really a good photo journaling app free for you, a lovely secret diary with lock and a great mood tracker & mental health tracker, which deserves to be installed. My Diary is a free journaling app, most of the features are FREE. Additional features, including some backgrounds, themes, etc. are available with a My Diary Premium Membership. If you have any questions or want feedback. Contact us: Email: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: ------------------------------

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