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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Have fun with the virtual simulator of the amazing surprise eggs. If you have kids that love to unwrap (unbox) surprise eggs, this will be the ideal app for them. In this application you will find a great variety off eggs and a lot of interactive surprises to play with. You will find numerous collectable gifts belonging to different categories such as, lovely princesses, farm animals, precious jewels, cute pets and puppies, etc. How to play: 1) Choose the egg you would like to unbox 2) Use your finger to scratch away the paper from the egg 3) Slide the finger down the screen to break the chocolate egg or activate the function button and shake the phone. 4) Pinch or press open the egg yolk (little box) containing the surprise 5) Slide up to collect the surprise in your album If you touch on the collected objects in the album they will a sound will be reproduced. If all the objects are collected the album can also be used as a fun soundboard. You will be able to her, dogs barking, cats meowing, sheep bleating, horses neigh etc. Each surprise can be observed in the detail before it has been stored in the album. This game has been developed for little children. We wanted to make it playable even for 2 year old kids. It is also the perfect app to prepare you for Easter.

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