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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



RINGTON.ES ( IS THE COOLEST RINGTONE APP/SERVICE! Finally, CUSTOM ringtones that LITERALLY TELL YOU which contact is calling so you never have to guess who's calling or whose phone is ringing! Have the most UNIQUE & USEFUL ringtones on the block, in the office, or at school! It's fun to create ringtones and more fun when your phone rings! Create UNLIMITED custom ringtones using the app! Then, ON YOUR MAC OR PC, visit http://RINGTON.ES/_abc_ where _abc_ is whatever ID you entered when you first ran the app. We recommend using your Email address but you do not have to. Just enter something UNIQUE with NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS (i.e. $#*+ etc.) This way, you can share your ringtones with your friends. In fact, create a ringtone for THEIR phone to play when YOU call THEM! Ringtones are created in BOTH the iPhone's .m4r format as well as .MP3 which other phones may use!

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