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Mar, 2023



** The original running calculator for iPhone! Now with Apple Watch & iPad support ** A quick and easy running calculator, to calculate time, distance or pace. Enter the time & distance you ran, and see your average pace. Or find the pace you need to run to hit a goal time for a race distance. RunCalc is perfect for runners of all levels, and makes it easy to figure out the pace you ran a race, calculate split times for track workouts, or see how long it will take to run a distance at a certain pace. Features include: • Solve for time, distance, or pace. • Enter values with dials or a keyboard. • Live recalculating - change any of the inputs and the result is instantly displayed. • Use miles or kilometers, with automatic conversion between units. • Shows pace in minutes per mile/K and speed in MPH/KPH for easy use with treadmills. • Built-in pre-sets for accurate calculations on common race & workout distances (400m, 800m, 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, etc). * Be sure to check out Maverick's other running apps, Race Pace and TriCalc *

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