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Sex Position Game will stimulate your sex life by exposing you and your partner(s) to the juiciest sexual positions on the App Store. Get your heart thumping a little faster with the most alluring app on the store. We’ve got everything you need to satisfy your hunger for entertainment, and provide a little education at the same time. FEATURES: We have plenty of options to wet your appetite and help you move through the game with ease. Play tab takes you to the main screen to begin the game. With one quick shake, the game is on! Play in one of two modes. Randomly pick a player and partner or alternate turn based among the players. Player tab allows you to personalize the game and set up additional players. This is useful especially if you choose to welcome more than one couple into the game. Also, simply tapping on the name of the player disables or enables them from the game. Position tab lets you peruse available positions, add positions of your own, modify existing position, or delete the ones you don’t like. Also, simply tapping on the name of the position disables or enables it from the game. The positions are classified in an order of effort (1, 2, or 3) and gender control. More tab is available to set password protection and alter the amount of time spent in each position. Feel free to take it slow and easy with your first time playing the game, but we have a feeling you will be picking up speed in no time. Our informative descriptions (complete with visuals) provide the advantages and disadvantages of each position, along with helpful hints to make each one more pleasurable. Once a player has been assigned a position, they can choose to either start the timer and get to it, or skip their turn altogether What a great alternative for a little inspirational fun between you and your special someone! If there is a position you want added simply email us at [email protected] Remember to give feedback

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