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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Play the classic picture tiles slide puzzle on your TV! To move the tiles on the TV screen, just swipe on your iPhone or iPad. ** A Chromecast device or Google TV is needed to play this game on your TV ** Features: * Grid sizes from 2x2 (for kids) to an almost impossible 10x10! * Every puzzle guaranteed to be solvable * Turn tile number hints on or off * Randomly generated order of tiles * Best scores saved for every grid size * 2x2 and 3x3 grid sizes and cartoon-themed pictures for little kids - to exercise their brains while having fun * Pick from among several pictures. We'll keep adding more. To stop the application on the TV, disconnect the Chromecast device from the application on your iPhone or iPad. (Tap the "cast" icon in the upper right corner of the application to connect or disconnect. This icon will show up when you have a Chromecast device on the same WiFi network as your iPhone or iPad.) So go ahead, play this classic game and let us know your best scores! Can you solve a 10x10 grid? :-) There's a very minor delay for the swipe actions to be received by the Chromecast device over the wireless network- unfortunately, that's something that's out of our control. If you find any issues, please contact us before giving us a low rating - we would really appreciate it and do our best to fix them! Thanks!

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