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Have you ever forgotten some important things? Have you forgotten important moments or anniversaries for your family? Don't worry, use this effective and free task tracker and to-do list task manager free to help you manage time and enjoy an easy life. “To-do List - Task reminders” is a free and easy online task manager and schedule planner app which can be used to manage your time. To-do list - task manager, as a todo list productivity planner app, is dedicated to helping users track things to do, make daily planners free and provide important task reminders. Keep your life and work well organized. Come and have a try now. REASONS FOR CHOOSING THIS TO DO LIST 1. Easy to use and beautiful themes The interface of the to-do application is simple and efficient. You can create multiple task lists with only 2 steps. Set up daily to do list widgets to let you quickly check today and schedule planner. “To-do List - Task reminders ” provides a variety of theme colors to choose from. Make you feel more comfortable when managing to do-lists and doing task trackers. Manage all your task reminders for free. Will support managing and your daily schedule planners in the Night dark theme (Some of them are for premium) 2. Set daily to do list reminders with alarm, never miss important to do list You can set task reminders with alarm for important checklists to avoid forgetting. Support repeat to-do list reminders. For recurring task lists, turn on recurring tasks’ reminders to simplify todolist task managers. 3. Manage checklists with categories With this “To-do List - Task reminders”, you can easily set to-do list categories, task list priorities, and todos’ stars to manage the to do lists and daily reminders efficiently. You can star the to do list, making important things more outstanding Also you can add to-do-lists' sub-task lists, making all checklists well organized. 4. Clear Calendar view It provides a to-do list calendar perspective. Make it easier for users to have a general view of daily schedule planners, weekly/monthly tasks planners and future day planners. 5. Intimate Work & Life Daily Planners App This is a free daily planner app. You can use it to record various schedule planners, including life planners, work planners, study planners, productivity planners, fitness day planners, wishlists, etc. You can also use it as a personal day planner free app to record birthdays and anniversaries. Don’t forget to set a daily schedule planner with reminders. It gives you on-time task reminders Users will be able to customize their own ringtones. (Premium) 6. Tracking daily planners' completion status, you are getting better. Take some time to check the to-do list completion status of your daily planners on the "MINE" page. You will find that the days using this task manager, you are getting better and better. In summary, “To-do List - Task reminders” is a free productivity application that keeps your work, life and study organized. It is definitely worth installing, come and try it! To-Do List is a free productivity application, and most of its functions are free. Additional features, including advanced task repetition settings, themes, ringtones, etc., can be unlocked through the "To-Do List" premium membership. If you have any questions or want feedback, contact us: Email: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: ------------------------------

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