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Learn the capitals of all states of the United States of America. • Categories: Capitals, Largest Cities, Abbreviations • 3 Modes - Learn (with flashcards), Quiz & Challenge • Swap capitals and states in the question and answers • Tap on one of the options to select the correct answer • High scores are maintained for each category, in the Challenge mode • Works offline too Salient features and advantages of this capitals game app: • Make US geography and general knowledge fun for kids with game style learning • Become a USA geography trivia ninja by improving your knowledge of states and capitals • US State Capitals quiz flash cards • Have a quick US states geography trivia workout by playing a game • This geography trainer app helps improve your speed by racing against the clock • Master capitals and US states, useful for students of all grades in school • Use this capitals learning app to revise before a geography test • Challenge your friends to get a higher score! We have created a similar app for countries and capitals too.

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