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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



* #1 TOOTH FAIRY APP ON ITUNES * * FROM THE MAKERS OF #1 CHRISTMAS APP "VIDEO CALLS WITH SANTA" * * NO HIDDEN COSTS, BUY IT ONCE, USE IT FOREVER * * CALLS ARE AUTOMATICALLY VIDEO RECORDED * * PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE NATIONAL CHILDREN'S ORAL HEALTH FOUNDATION * * SIMPLE TO USE, NO SET-UP REQUIRED, JUST DOWNLOAD AND START CALLING * * CREATE THE PERFECT MEMORY OF WHEN KIDS LOSE THEIR TEETH * * HELPS KIDS WANT TO BRUSH TEETH, GO TO DENTIST, AND MUCH MORE * Why settle for a boring old phone call with the Tooth Fairy, when you can have a super-cool INTERACTIVE VIDEO CALL with her instead?! Choose from three amazing pre-recorded, interactive video calls right after download. Three additional calls are available through in-app purchase. "Video Calls with Tooth Fairy" is a fun new app that lets you have realistic video chats with the Tooth Fairy any time you want! Even very young children love actually seeing the Tooth Fairy as she talks directly to them! Choose from six pre-recorded interactive calls about loose teeth, lost teeth, brushing your teeth, going to the dentist, and much more! HOW IT WORKS: Just select a call and start speaking with the Tooth Fairy! Whenever you're done answering a question, tap anywhere on the screen, and she will say his next line of dialogue. Calls are automatically video recorded! It’s that easy! *** WATCH YOUR KIDS GO NUTS! ***

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