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Jan, 2023



If you’re a pilot, you often need to make lots of weather related calculations. Now there’s an easy solution, as close as your iPhone. Weather Calc performs the following weather relation calculations: Altimeter Setting - compute the altimeter setting based on elevation and station pressure Cricket Temperature - just for fun! This lets you estimate the temperature based on the chirp rate of a cricket Heat Index - compute the heat index based on the temperature and relative humidity Pressure - convert between hPa, atmospheres, psi, and inches and mm of mercury (Hg) Relative Humidity - compute the wet bulb and dewpoint based on the temperature, pressure, and relative humidity Speed Of Sound - displays the speed of sound in various units, given the temperature Standard Atmosphere - compute the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, speed of sound, and more Station Pressure - compute the station pressure based on the elevation and altimeter setting. Temperature - convert between degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, and Rankine Virtual Temperature - compute the virtual temperature based on the temperature, dewpoint, and pressure Vapor Pressure - com[ute the saturated and actual vapor pressure, as well as relative humidity Wet Bulb - compute the dewpoint and relative humidity based on the temperature, pressure, and wet bulb reading Wind Chill - compute the wind chill based on the temperature and wind speed Wind Speed - convert between knots, kilometers/hour, meters/second, miles/hour, feet/second Buy your copy now, and let Weather Calc take the drugery out of weather related calculations.

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