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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



James is a little Squirrel that has spent a lot of time storing nuts for the winter. As he could not store all of them into his burrow, he has decided to hide the biggest part of those nuts into many holes that are spread all over the tree. Your task will be to help James get to his beloved food by guiding the nuts to his burrow. Cut through the wood and direct the tasty nuts through a challenging environment made of intriguing mechanics, magic portals, traps, angry bees etc. Each level is a challenging physics based puzzle game and each level requires skills, fantasy and big logic to be solved. How to play: Use your finger to drill through the softer wood and make the nuts flow into strategic places in order to accomplish your mission. If you would like to get 3 golden nuts and reach a higher score you will have to collect all three of them, before the nuts reach James. The delicious golden nuts will make James’s mouth water! Use the TNT boxes to open a path where the wood is too hard to be scratched and get through. Advise: While cutting the through the timber pay attention to not open a hole in where the bees nest is. As the might fly down to the squirrels home to sting him. --- Features: --- - High quality 3D graphics - Many puzzles for you to enjoy - Challenging physics game play - Many levels and more coming soon - Background music and sounds This is a free application. Download it and please rate it with 5 stars if you like it.

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