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World Facts provides valuable up-to-date Facts & Maps on World Countries. Users Love World Facts! ----------------------------- 5 STARS ***** I love this handy app. It keeps me a little more informed about the world. If I wonder what language is spoken in a certain country, or what the currency or dominant religions are, I check here and get my answer in a few seconds! - Mantequia2319 5 STARS ***** I've been in many conversations of recent months about the state of the world and I must say, this app has proven to be very useful on multiple occasions. Well done and keep feeding us the facts! - I Glavas 5 STARS ***** A good basic guide to any Country - Precise, Factual, and Basic. Well presented. - Rhodoant 5 STARS ***** Excellent informations, using app very often to check base infos for different countries. Interesting, informative, easy to use. - Fr..traveler FEATURES ----------------------------- - Over 170+ data points on world countries: - Population - Area - Geographic coordinates - Languages - Government - Capital - Gross domestic product - Background - And much more! - Quick reference maps - Dynamic online maps - Country flags - Country Comparisons - Simple easy to use interface. - Large easy to read text. Be more Informed about the World with Up-To-Date Facts & Maps on World Countries. Check out World Facts Today.

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