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Users Love World Map 2023 ===================== 5 Stars ***** I use this map every day! We travel a lot and this is a great way to check out the geography of the countries we visit. Thank you for a great map. - Panisima 5 Stars ***** Very helpful offline world map!! Always take with me whenever i am abroad. Thanks for developers - Merka 5 Stars ***** It's the handiest tool ever, you can find a place anywhere in the world at any given moment, I love it !!! - Joey Expand your geography with Up-To-Date World Maps on your device today! Did you know? ------------- South Sudan became the world's 195th country following separation from Sudan on 9 July 2011 Features ======== * Large, high quality maps. * Political World Map * Detailed World Map * World Time Zones Map * Easy map switching. Touch the top left corner of the screen to switch between maps. * Offline and Online Maps. View the World Map conveniently on your device today!

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