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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Ancient oracle meets modern device! Deal with life's challenges more meaningfully. Tap into your inner self. Find the translation that speaks to you. Ask questions, use the oracle, manage a journal, and browse multiple book translations. Ask questions... * Specify a topic * Enter a question or phrase * Toss coins by shaking * Or manipulate yarrow stalks * Or toss dice * Or use Stephen Karcher's Circle of Protectors * Or navigate Michael Tingle's I Ching Mandala * Or use the Quick option * Or use manual input Manage a journal... * Multi-line questions & notes * Sort by topic, hexagram or date * Search by keyword * Present, Changes and Future * Add your own notes * Switch translations for readings * Mail journal entries * Sync over iCloud Browse the book... * Multiple book translations * Chinese with Pinyin phonetics * King Wen Hexagram numbers * Trigram descriptions * Component Trigrams * Ruling Lines * Related Hexagrams English translations... * A Library tab makes it easy to switch books * "Yi Jing - Book of Transformations" by Brian Arnold, featuring artwork by Elizabeth Nelson * "A Guide to the I Ching" by Carol K. Anthony (English and German) * "Yi Jing / Book of Changes" by Gregory C. Richter * "I Ching Oracle" by Nigel Richmond Other translations... * "Language of the Lines", English (Nigel Richmond) * Original Chinese (two versions) * "I Ging", German (Wilhelm) * "Yi Jing", Japanese (Yo Fujiwara) * "Yi Jing", in French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian (Arnold) More books for in-app purchase... * "The I Ching or Book of Changes" (Book I, II and III) by Richard Wilhelm * "The Laws of Change" by Jack Balkin * "I Ching: Walking Your Path, Creating Your Future" by Hilary Barrett * "The Complete I Ching" by Taoist Master Alfred Huang * "I Ching: Navigating Change" by Stephen Karcher * "The I Ching Workbook" by R.L. Wing * "The I Ching: The Book To Turn To For Wisdom And Guidance" by Michael Hurn with Claire Hurn Other key features... * Straightforward and elegant interface * Option to represent coin heads as Yang * Option to cast coins using Yarrow stalk probabilities * Portrait and landscape orientation * Resources to access help and online I Ching resources

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