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精选诗经与诗意画 《精选诗经与诗意画》为“中国传统文化精粹”系列多媒体电子书中的一本。《诗经》是中国第一部诗歌总集,成书的时间大约在公元前6世纪左右,与古希腊的《荷马史诗》年代大体相当。作品以抒情诗为主,兼有叙事诗、讽刺诗、歌谣等形式,对中国后世文学创作产生了深远的影响。 本辑选取了《诗经》里的40首代表性诗歌,加以拼音注释和英文译文。所选的绘画作品对于理解《诗经》的内容,体会作品的意境有非常大的帮助。形式上,利用音频、视频、动画、互动游戏等,让读者从听觉、视觉上对中国的诗词、绘画有更多视角的体验,同时也可以学习汉语语言文字。 Selections from the Book of Poetry and Poetic Paintings The Book of Poetry is the first collection of Chinese songs compiled around the 6th Century BCE, which is about the same period as the ancient Greek Epic of Homer. All the songs collected here are lyric poems, supplemented with narrative poems, satirical poems, songs and other forms, which have exercised a profound impact on Chinese literary creation through the ages. Selection from The Book of Poetry and Poetic Paintings is one of a series of app under the general title of Chinese Traditional Culture Series. This series selects 40 representative poems from The Book of Poetry in Chinese with Romanized pinyin notes and English translations. All paintings in the book help deepen the understanding of the poems of The Book of Poetry. The adoption of audio, animation and interactive games in this app allows readers to enjoy the contents by use of both their eyes and ears. It also offers an opportunity to learn the Chinese language.

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