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道德经与神仙画 《道德经与神仙画》为“中国传统文化精粹”系列多媒体电子书中的一本。《道德经》相传为道教的创始人老子所著,是中国古代重要的哲学著作之一,全面地体现了古代中国人的一种世界观和人生观,对中国人的生活产生了很大影响。 《道德经与神仙画》电子书,中英文对照并加以拼音注释,还选用了中国古代多位著名名画家绘制的与老子“道”的思想有关的书画作品和历代描述道教神仙信仰的神仙画。同时利用音频、视频、动画、互动游戏等,让读者从听觉、视觉上了解老子的哲学思想和审美思想,进一步体悟老子倡导的清静、自然、空灵的境界。 Laws Divine and Human and Pictures of Deities Laws Divine and Human (Tao Te Ching) is considered to be the masterpiece of Lao Tze, legendary founder of Taoism around the 6th Century BCE. It is one of the major philosophical works showing the world outlook of ancient Chinese people as well as their outlook on life that has been passed down through the ages and continues to have great influence on current generations. Laws Divine and Human and Pictures of Deities is one of a series of app under the general title of Chinese Traditional Culture Series. The e-book is presented in English and Chinese with Romanized pinyin notes, along with ancient paintings regarding the Taoist philosophy of Lao Tze and paintings of the immortals. The adoption of audio, animation and interactive games in this app allows readers to gain a better understanding of the philosophy of Lao Tze and his aesthetic thoughts as well as the realm of tranquility, nature and spirituality he advocated.

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