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Features that make Advanced English Dictionary stand out from other dictionary apps: • Widely recognized as the most comprehensive English dictionary on the App Store with a 4.9 million word database • High-quality audio pronunciation (American, British and Australian English) • Advanced search technology • Lightning fast and intuitive user-interface • No internet connection required • No ads, no in-app purchases, no tracking OVERVIEW: Advanced English Dictionary is a new way to discover meaning. With more than 4.9 million words, phrases, and definitions, including a wealth of new words, sample sentences, Advanced English Dictionary makes it easier than ever before to find the correct meaning of a word. FEATURES: • Up to 591,700 entries, 4.9 million words, 335,000 relations • Audio pronunciation (available in American, British and Australian English, in both male and female voices) • Content sensitive IPA pronunciation symbol assistance (just tap the pronunciation guides to open it) • Word origins (etymologies) • Clear and precise definitions • Apart from "everyday" words and definitions, Advanced English Dictionary also includes biographical and geographical data, technical and scientific terms and more • Unique conceptual thesaurus with word links • Sample sentences show you how to use the words in your own speaking and writing • Fast look-ups, snappy user interface, smooth scrolling screens • Editable history/bookmarks function • Word Shake - shake the device to look up random words! • Designed specifically for iPhone/iPod touch • No internet connection required • Enhanced for iOS 13 REVIEWS: “Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus rises above the rest with a good interface, fast speed, and a unique way of looking up words. […] Recommended for anyone needing a dictionary and thesaurus on the go” — AppAdvice “This is no ordinary dictionary. In addition to being an almost infinite resource of words and what they mean, it also educates users as to how words are linked. […] It’s a new take on an old, but incredibly useful, concept and one that will no doubt gain many fans” — Clare Hopping, Know Your Mobile “Its superior biographical and geographical data and its pleasing interface gives jDictionary Mobile's offering a slight edge” — Sam Felsing, Macworld “For exploring the language, it has the edge, the upper hand, the whip hand, etc.” — Tony Smith, “This is a sleek dictionary with a cool "word links" feature that briefly describes the history around that word. It's easy to use and I love the pronunciation guide for those more esoteric words” — AppOlicious “Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus app is one of the best reference apps you can download on your iPhone” — The Recapp

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