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Apr, 2020



Scale models and model kits can be very expensive, but with AR technology, you can now enjoy sophisticated spaceships at an affordable price whenever you want, wherever you want. These AR spaceships are a lot of fun for kids, adults, among friends, with the family, and just a unique experience for everyone. Created and developed by Pierre Drolet, an Emmy Award and Visual Effects Society-winning CGI artist who has been in the Hollywood film and tv industry for 20 years now — GOarSPACE is his personal project which he has put so much passion and hard work on. From the stunning promotional video down to the details of each of the spaceships, this is a labor of love from him as he wanted to give the best resolution and for the ships to look as photo realistic as possible. FIVE COLLECTIBLE SPACESHIPS USS JEFFERIES - named after Walter Matthew Jefferies, the designer of the iconic spaceship Enterprise from the original COPERNICUS - named after Nicolaus Copernicus, the Father of Modern Astronomy. KOROLEV - named after the Father of Russian Space Program, Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. He is also regarded by many as the Father of Practical Astronautics. TIE-LONG - the name means “iron dragon” in Chinese. ZUIHO - the name means Auspicious Phoenix or Fortunate Phoenix in Japanese. INTERACTIONS/FEATURES Can walk around the spaceship Can have a close look at the details and explore them from different angles Can be a lot of fun to take photos of the spaceships wherever you go, may it be indoor or outdoor INSTRUCTIONS Start the GOarSPACE app. Click on the lower right button 'Show Debug Menu’ and then click ‘Start AR Mode.’ Once launched, you may help the spaceship to lock in place in the real environment by tilting your iPhone down a little bit (flat surfaces work better) and moving it left and right. To stop simulation, click ‘Show Debug Menu’ and choose ‘Stop AR Mode.’ Have fun and please stay tuned for more interactive and immersive updates later on!

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