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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



One of the most downloaded delivery apps with over 30 million installs. Apple chose Glovo for its "Best of 2016" award. “Glovo offers a ‘shop on your behalf’ app that promises to let you order anything locally on-demand and have it delivered “within minutes”. (TechCrunch) “Residents of cities can place an order for the item they want on Glovo’s app. The nearest courier will go to the closest store that has it available, buy and deliver it to the customer.” (Financial Times) Order anything you want with Glovo and it will be delivered in minutes. You can order from any restaurant in your city, or from any supermarket and shop. Food, pharmacy, flowers, groceries, games, socks, your favorite burger, pizza, Goiko grill, kebab, tapas, sushi… we can go and pick up your suit from the dry cleaners or bring you the keys you’ve forgotten. You order, and Glovo gets it for you. Find great deals nearby. Save time and money. Enjoy 24/7 delivery service. Anything, anywhere. WHY USE GLOVO? ▶ Among the most downloaded Spanish Lifestyle Apps in 2018 and 2019. ▶ Over 30 million installs worldwide. ▶ More than 20.000 partner restaurants, shops, stores. ▶ Deliveries from the biggest chains: McDonald’s, KFC, Papa John’s and many more. (depending on the country) ▶ Easy-to-use and to order. ▶ Order anything, anywhere, anytime, locally or further away. ▶ Track your delivery in real time. ▶ Fast delivery. WITH GLOVO YOU CAN: ▶ Order anything you want. ▶ Order from any restaurant in your city. ▶ Discover local stores. ▶ Order any product you wish. ▶ Track and follow the delivery in real time. ▶ Receive your delivery in minutes. ▶ Rate your experience. ▶ Reorder your favorite items with 1 click. ▶ Share with family and friends: invite your friends and family members. Help them to save time with deliveries. ▶ Get free delivery with Glovo Prime. (only for specific countries) ABOUT GLOVO Glovo is an app that allows you to buy, collect and send any product within your city. Glovo is already present in over 26 countries and 200 cities, making life easier and better for millions of people around the world. Download the app for free, and whenever you want something just order a Glovo, and we’ll get it for you. TALK TO US! We will do anything to make your Glovo experience as good as possible. If you need any help, please contact our customer service at You can also find us on: ▶ Our site: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: ▶ Twitter: DOWNLOAD NOW – Anything you want, delivered in minutes.

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